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Dealers dont get carpool stickers unless the sticker was issued and deal was not funded.
Stickers are also now given only if income requirements are met.
So highly unlikely a dealer has a Clarity on the lot with Red/Purple sticker.


Unlikely but it does happen. Co-worker picked up one last month when his Bolt was totaled and needed an immediate replacement for commuting purpose.

Income requirement is an either or situation. (If you manage to make below the income threshold… IIRC … Take the rebate check or get a sticker but not both. For those above the income threshold… Sticker only…


Package deal? I’m in lex and mirror everything said above…


Anyone know of any great deals on the 2019 jaguar f pace r sport s type suv in tri state area. Looking to get into that in next few months.


What are your preferred terms and specs?

Have you priced one out/are you familiar w the numbers?

Next few months as in, you would jump on it anytime? Or, you need to wait a few months?


My preferred terms would be 36 or 39 months and 12k miles per year and would jump on it now if it’s a good deal my current lease goes back in June which is the f type.


Hello all, looking to see if this is possible.

Honcker was advertising a $233/month + taxes, registration, etc (around $2K) in NJ. Unfortunately, they refused to register for North Carolina.

Please advise if possible, I can fly to pick-up the car, and drive back to Charlotte.

2018/ 2019 Honda CRV AWD EX
36 months / 12K a year (okay to review 10K a year numbers as well)
Charlotte, North Carolina
Contact via forum / PM me.
Current owner of Honda and Volkswagen

EDIT: I am okay with broker as well, and don’t mind paying broker fees.

Thanks in advance.



Looking for a

2018 Audi Q5 - Premium Plus package in Moonlight Blue either Grey, Beige or Brown interior (not black)
36 Months/10k a year
Current Owner of Audi
Tier 1 credit
Contact via the forum or PM


I’m back in the market to assume another lease.

Currently have a 2018 BMW 330e that I assumed last year and turned out to be a lemon… wanting to pick up either a Mercedes C or E class, or a BMW 3-5 Series.

Honestly very open and just want to explore some options right now. Have currently been looking at the M340i and the 530e and the C300 Sport on up into the E’s.

Looking for a good monthly payment and an incentive. Located in Arizona but shipping/pickup isn’t an issue.


-Doesn’t matter 2018 or 19.
10 or 12k miles/36 months.

Costco or Conquest possible if offered. EX or EX-L.
NYC registration
Taxes in payment and DAS the bare minimum of first month, DMV, bank fee.
Also, IF there is a similar SUV with better rebates in Feb, please also let me know.
Need to make a decision in the next 3-4 days. Thank you all!


Looking for a new lease within 4 weeks
located in Boston, MA but willing to travel to NY, CT and possibly NJ or IL
36/10 or 36/12
2018 or 2019
Tier 1 credit (830 fico)
willing to work with broker who has my best interests in mind.

Looking for a mid-SUV
Audi Q5 or SQ5
Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Infiniti Q60
or similar


Looking for a Land Rover discovery in Northern California any good deals that people have seen?
My second search is for a xc90 which I saw a posting for one in so cal but my wife wants denim blue.


Bump. Thanks


I am looking for some awesome car for under $1000 a month… LOS ANGELES AREA


Hello, if anyone has a 330 or 430 with navi that they want to get rid of please let me know. My price range $400 to $490 per month.

Let me know!


Looking for deals on 2018/9 Honda Accord Sport or EXL, less than 275$ per month
Southeast region
Please dm


Toyota Camry would def fit that bill


Hey guys,
Starting to narrow a few things down. I have a good M240i I’m interested in, but I also want to pick up a C43 for the family.

Looking for either a transfer or a new lease… want the best possible pricing (shocker right).

I’m located in Arizona but shipping isn’t an issue and would be willing to travel along the west coast to pick up as well.


Looking for a deal on:

  • 2019 XC90 T6 R-Design w/Advance + Carbon Fiber
  • 36 or 39 month / 15k year, DAS
  • NY Metro
  • eMail or call 845-304-5342

  1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type
    Bolt, Leaf, Kona EV or similar, in Leasehackr worthy price range
  2. Term/Mileage
  3. Region/State
    Dallas, TX
  4. Preferred method of contact
  5. Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.)