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Looking for a midsize SUV preferably something more towards the luxury side. Technologically advanced is important. Something like the Lincoln nautilus, Volvo XC60, Cadillac XT5 or anything in that range. A demo car is fine. Looking to spend around 400 a month, 36 months and 10K miles a year. Zip would be either 10952 or 11210 (NY) . If needed can register the car in NJ under 07430 zip. Recent college grad and excellent credit.


Looking for an '18 accord or insight with $0 out of pocket/under $300/mth in NY area. 36/12. Also would consider other cars as well (sedans). Looking to sign by Thursday/Friday the latest. Can wait for delivery a few days after that.

I know this not in template form, but due to not having an exact car in mind, I figured this would be easiest. Please message me on here.

Thank you.


Looking for a compact sedan with only 1st month due at signing for under $215 including tax. Open to considering all sedans (for example, VW Jetta, Honda Civic, etc). 36 or 24 months, with 10k. In Miami area, but can travel around the state (or further if the deal is right). Thank you!


Any broker from WA.Looking for Accura

2019 MDX Base AWD
2019 RDX Base AWD

Preferred colour : Black

Ideal Lease:
$300-400/mo $1-2K DAS or similar


WA 98052

Method of contact:
PM or Email


Nocal or Socal dealer / broker.

Looking for:
2019 Mini Countryman S or S E Hybrid w/ Iconic package (Or Signature with Nav, Harmon Kardon, and Led Headlamps)

Preferred Colors: Island Blue or Moonwalk Grey (White Top two-tone)

36mo/10K lease

CA zip: 93405

Lease Payment: 300-350 Taxes Included w/ $2-3K DAS

Demo OK

Willing to Drive to LA/OC Socal Area or Bay Area to pickup.

contact via PM or email. Thanks


Looking to lease 2018 Sorento SX Ultimate with tech package. Live in NYC area. Putting up taxes titles 1st etc possible to get for around $305


If there’s something available that is close to this deal, please message me. If we can get something done today/tomorrow that would work but it’s not a necessity. Thanks


Looking for a 17 or 18 wrangler rubicon with the following packages (flexible on this):

Tech Group
Convenience Group
Cold Weather Group
Active Safety Group

I live in CT


Dodge Charger or Challenger 6.4L or Hellcat. Open to all colors.

36/12 is ideal but 36/10 would also be doable for the right deal.

I’m located in Louisville but willing to travel to Cincy, Indy, Lexington, Nashville or any other major city within 5 hours for the right deal.

I’d like to be in the 350-400 range for a scat or below $600 for a Hellcat. I’d prefer $0 DAS but willing to put $1000 down again if it’s for the right deal!

Credit score is mid 700’s.

Thanks for the help. I’m also willing to pay a broker fee of course.


I am looking for a 2018 or 2019 Nissan Rogue SV with tech package to lease with 15k miles for 36 months. This is my first lease. None of dealers in Tennessee is able to match some numbers which are in this forum. I see some attractive numbers like $250+tax, another $275+tax. I am not sure of a better way to bargain at this point. Is there any broker or dealer who can help get this price and ship to Tennessee ?


Hi all! Thanks for helping! Broker fees are fine as long as total pricing is reasonable :wink:

1. Car: 2019 Range Rover Velar (MSRP usually 65k and under). Looking for a good lease deal (local NJ dealership offered $688/month; 6.5k upfront which included taxes and fees and first month payment).

2. Term/Mileage: 3 year/7500 would be fine. 10k even better.

3. Region/State: NJ area.

4. Preferred method of contact: via forum is fine

5. Specs: Looking for a velar that has the following specs:

  • Corris Gray Exterior
  • Black or Gray Wheels (18+"/ 20" preferred)
  • Heater seats
  • Light Oyster with Ebony Suede interior
  • 825W Meridian Sound System
  • Drive Package
  • Smartphone package
  • 12.3" interactive display
  • satellite radio
  • Park Package (not necessary)
  • Ambien Lighting (not necessary)


Hi, looking for an m40 X3 around the 64k MSRP.

Anybody have any demos or great deals. I know it’s only loyalty on this at the moment.

Thanks in advance.


I PM’d you about a possible swap if your interested.


Any deals on the Odyssey or Sienna?

Looking for pretty well equipped (rear DVD, Blind spot are the main 2 items i must have)

im in CA.


Car: 2019 Chevy Bolt LT
Term/Mileage: 3 Year/7,5000
State: GA
Contact: Form

I’m a current VW leasee if that matters and I do have supplier discount through my work. Had a Nissan Leaf and miss electric driving.

Thanks :slight_smile:


You can get X2 for that price,


BMW i3 2018 base
~50k MSRP
14% off MSRP?
Pay acquisition&fees upfront
Don’t mark up MF




Our BMW i3 was recently rear-ended and now totalled. Need a car asap. Would prefer a hatchback, SUV or wagon, but open to other makes.

  1. 2017 red sticker eligible, any make, less than $500 per month, prefer a shorter lease term
  2. 800 per month average
  3. California - willing to ship
  4. Email or text
  5. Must be carpool lane accessible!


GLE350 lease finishing up in May and would like a similar size if not bigger car, ideally with 3 rows, but 2 is fine if bigger suv. looking for something 20% off MSRP or more ideally.

Year/Make/Model : LR Discovery / Mercedes GLE, XC90, X5
Term/Mileage: 5-7500 / year mileage, $650 /mo or less.
Region/State: NYC area, will travel if its a good deal
Preferred method of contact: email or DM
Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.): comp. lessee


Give some Honda dealers a call on the leftover 2018 Clarity PHEV.

They might have some that are “pre-applied” with red sticker already. They are actually less desirable to some customers who wanted an extra year of carpool with the new PURPLE sticker.