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Look at a Jeep GC/Mazda CX-5 and Infiniti QX60 respectively. @nyclife @aronchi


NY area. Lease Ends in a week or so. Looking for
AWD / 4x4
Please contact me.
Maybe mazda cx-5, jeep cherokee, subaru forrester, toyota rav 4.
Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank You so much.


2019 Jeep Cherokee Latitude Plus, AWD, V6 - cold weather group a plus
Qualify for returning leasee or conquest


Looking to lease this month in California. Based near Sac, will be in LA a lot this month… Open to any large sedan or midsize SUV (compact if luxury and deal is great). 36/10 preferred, open to 24 or 48. New or demo/loaners. Target is under $300/mo after taxes. Prefer <$1k DAS. CarPlay is a must.

Eligible for supplier discounts through GM, Ford, FCA, BMW, VW, Subaru, Hyundai, Nissan. First time lease, should be Tier 1 credit. Own ‘10 MB, ‘12 Honda. Have a ‘07 Mustang v6 I’ll be getting rid of, would be open to trade in if there’s a reason to.

Models I have my eyes on include: Traverse/Acadia, CX-9, Atlas, Durango, GLC+. Interested in 3-series+, C-Class+, Volvo anything, Avalon, Sonata/Optima, you get the picture. Some of these are within target for lower trims, just shopping as much as I can, most likely will end up in a Terrain SLE if nothing comes through.


Hello everyone! I’m new here and new to leasing.
I also need help in terms of what I should be aiming for lease payments.

I’m located in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area. I was looking at some Stelvios sport priced between $51,000-$53000 MSRP. What what should I be aiming for monthly payments, with or without down payments. I understand the 1% rule, but how do I get dealers to go that low?


Check my thread. 373 $ for 15k, 353$ for 12k.


You need to narrow down your list A LOT. You’ve listed a Benz GLC alongside a Hyundai Sonata. No broker will work with you if you don’t even know what you want… My guess is also that sub-$300 for most of those models, you’re dreaming.


Looking to lease a 2019 X5 in Northern VA anyone with advice on MSRP discounts and money factor rates?


Base MF this month is .00188. Good discount on new would be 8-11%. Anything better, you’re in the bonus round.


Looking for a 2018 or 19 Highlander either XLE or Limited
Must have 2nd row bucket seats and sunroof, AWD
NYC but can travel


Looking to lease a 2017 or 2018 Range Rover full size HSE or SC LWB in NY with zero down except first month. Preowned cars can be leased through US Bank bc a friend just leased a 2017 LWB and got a great deal. Let me know if something interesting is avail for me. 800+ credit score. Thanks!


Hi All
Looking to lease 2019 Kia Sorento EX AWD MSRP $38640 in NJ ( ZIP 08816 )
for the 24mo /15000 miles lease

My target is to negotiate purchased price ( before the lease cash of $6660 ) down to at least 14.2 % of MSRP and even better. Is this realistic for this car ?
This model have currently MF .00177 and Residual of 57% for the 24mo /15000 miles lease with 6660 Kia lease cash

I am willing to pay first month and all the fees upfront
I intent to make a decision in next two weeks;

My current lease : 2017 Kia Sorento LX i2.4, ends Jan 28, 2019


Hey guys I am looking to lease a charger scat pack (base model or one with leather) and i was wondering if anyone has had success getting one at a good price in Socal. I am contacting dealers and they are all quoting me high 500s while i was looking for something in the mid 400s. Please let me know if you are aware of dealers that will work with me in getting a good price. I am also open to getting a broker if they can get me my price


I’m looking to lease a Tacoma Crew Cab Off-road 4x4 or a Tundra ext cab/crew cab 4x4.

I live in Georgia and am looking to get the 15k miles per year. I have a trade in that I’ll probably break even with if I go to Carmax.

Any advice or anything to get the best deal?


Need a 4x4 new car lease in Kansas City, MO. Are there any brokers or dealers that can help with either a Jeep, Subaru, or Toyota AWD? Thanks, Zack


thanks, where can I check the 24 and 36 month residual value the dealer is quoting?


RV can’t be adjusted by the dealer unless they are adjusting for a loaner. If new, what they gave you is what it will be.

That said, this post here will confirm.


I’m at SoCal and looking for a

2019 XC60 T5 or T6 Momentum FWD/AWD, MSRP 46K-50K
36 month
10,000 miles/year

Anyone can suggest a dealer who can provide a good offer.
My target price is $460/month-$500/month.


Hello. Hope you found something for your dad! It’s definitely rough; my mom is in the same boat. I wish I could help, but I am going through my own financial issues right now.

That being said–if you did find something, please share! :slightly_smiling_face:

I really need to lease something ASAP


Hey man,

Nah man I didn’t. Still looking. Reached out to a few but no game. Also my dad is still new in the country and hasn’t been able to properly build credit yet.

Wish you luck man and if you find something, report back early so I can try and get my dad something too. His car is on its last legs now.