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In the Miami area.

Have 10 Months (4K total) left on my lease and I’m ready to move on to a better luxury brand. I’ll consider any payment under 1k and I’m hoping to find a luxury brand that would at least help me cover some of the payments I have left.


Miami Florida

Looking for a broker to aid in a Q7 purchase. Planning to buy in the next 3-14 days.




I am located in northern NJ. Looking to get into something within the next 30 days-

  • AWD smaller suv with a back-up camera that is good in the snow/ice/winter.
  • Mileage: 7.5-10k
  • Term: 24/36 months
  • Budget: 200-300, 0 DAS (if possible, can pay inception if necessary)
  • Reply or Email:
    Suggestions and leads greatly appreciated! Thank you


Your best bet is a RAV4 LE. There are still incentives on the 2018s.
I personally liked Parkway Toyota in Fort Lee. Good honest people and a fantastic service department.


Hi guys,

Anyone know of any good deals between the $300 - $400/month range in these regions, specifialclly NC? I’ve walked into many dealrships and they have all told me that NC is not a leasing state, whatever that means.

Basically I am interested in pickup trucks, but I am open to other options - sport/luxury sedans, SUV’s etc.

Sorry for not being too specific, but like I said, I am open to a lot of options, but would prefer a pickup.


I am looking for zero down lease on subaru limited. It will be my first lease. Can anyone please share any deals in this regard.
Appreciate any help.


Just curious… what are you expecting in terms of upfront $ in order to hit that target?


Need a lot more detail bud.

Limited what?
$0 down or $0 due at signing?

Help people help you. The more detail the better.


Hello All,

New here and I love the forum, wish I had discovered it sooner!

I’m looking for a BMW X1, 36/15k 2018 or 2019.
Located in DC/MD/VA area.

Thank you.


Looking for a broker to help me find a 2018-2019 Q50 (black or dark gray) 12k or 15k miles, base model - lease. I quality for VPP, USAA, not sure about Conquest.


Where you able to find something in that range ? Looking at the same vehicles in Nj




New to the forum. Great info here!

Looking for an infiniti qx60 lux lease in tx. No Vpp (had no luck requesting one from infinity cust. service).

Any help would be appreciated. Ready to pull the trigger by the end of the month. Thanks in advance!


Looking for Chevy dealer Eastern PA or surrounding areas.

  1. 2019 Traverse RS
  2. 10k/ 3 year
  3. Philadelphia, PA
  4. Message and then can provide phone number
  5. I have GM Employee Pricing and GM lease ending shortly.


Looking for a lease on Land Rover Discover Sport in California (preferably Northern California but willing to travel to SoCal).

  • Discovery sport HSE with 3 rd row package and driver assist plus
  • 10K, 36 months
  • Ready to lease


10k/39 mo lease, NYC. Looking for tone of the following:

  1. Infiniti QX60 Luxe
  2. Land Rover Discovery Sport
  3. BMW X3
  4. Lexus RX350
  5. Volvo XC60
  6. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Looking for AWD with Navigation package.


I am looking for a 36/12 lease for 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Upland. I am in NJ and current have other Jeep leases. Please contact me if you have any deals.



Hi all, long time lurker, still “looking” but figured I’d post here in case there were any obvious matches out there. I’ve begun doing some of the legwork but have hit a few dead ends (especially with Acura, sheesh!), especially around apparently inflated money factors (at least compared to what I see on the forum and the edmunds model specific leasing forums).

  1. 2018/19 - BMW X3/Audi Q5/Acura RDX OR $550 month OR Wagon/SUV with AWD and higher end features

Mainly looking for a nicer wagon/SUV with AWD with similar cargo capacity as the previous mentioned. Budget is $550/month max. Typically go with feature loaded if possible: I want stuff like Apple CarPlay (and Android Auto if it isn’t a BMW … grrrr). Maybe would consider the X1, but hoping for a bit more space and power. Honestly just haven’t researched Infiniti, Lexus, Volvo or MB yet. My slightly more wild-side definitely leans towards the SQ5 or M40i if there is a deal to be had.

Will consider loaners (I see BMWs, not sure which other brands do this as well).

  1. 36month 12k or 10k, possibly entertain 24month.

I’ve done two leases (and all purchases before that), neither of which came even close to hitting the mileage limit (current is 36/12 and will likely be under 30k miles at turn in), so 36/10 is probably best.

  1. SF Bay Area/Northern California

Potentially willing to travel a bit (SoCal, most likely) for the right fit.

  1. PM me here. New account since I have just been lurking, but have been checking the forum often and on for some time.

  2. Current lease is a Ford.

Apologies for writing a novel, wanted to get as much info in there as possible.



Looking for a Bmw M550 lease in wash dc 20007
Qualify for loyalty
First and fees down
Have some numbers on a 81k msrp car


Looking for a new lease in the SoCal area within next 60 days. Trying to get into the $600-650 range - this includes tax. Able to drop up to $3,000 DAS. I’m not sure if I’m off base with any of my target cars, but looking for the following. 36/10k lease, AWD.

2019 BMW X5
2018 BMW X6
2018-19 BMW X3 M40i
2018-19 BMW 540i xdrive
2018 BMW 640i GT
2018 Porsche Macan or Macan S

I do not believe I meet any special qualifications, but have 800+ credit. Please reply or PM me.