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Keep an eye on Hyundai Accent/Elantra or maybe one of the basic Kias. I think you could swing a $200/mo payment sign and drive for 12k on one of those cars if you work at it.


I am looking for a new vehicle soon. We are in So Cal. I am usually great at leasing and have done all the leasing for my family for a long time…but my current situation is different. My lease in my GL350 is almost up. I need something that is similar size but only want to keep it two years until the next GLS comes out. I want something that leases really well so I can swap it out once I can get a deal on the GLS just keep it for the two years. Any ideas? I have thought of just assuming a lease too. I am considering a Ford Expedition… has anyone lease one recently or have a great ford sales person they work with.


Looking for a Tacoma in Utah or close to Utah. Message me if you can offer me something I can’t walk away from.


I am in the New England region, specifically a resident of CT

Every lease is for 36/12k and for AWD or 4WD

Looking for:

SUV: Jeep Grand Cherokee 18’/19’ (Limited, Trailhawk, Overland) or Ford Explorer Sport 18’/19’
Sedan: Jaguar XE25t 18’/19’ (Premium) (max 400 dollars tax included for an 18’)

You can contact me through message or email


Looking for some help finding a reliable trustworthy car broker in NJ. Considering several different cars but tired of dealing with dealerships lying to me. I appreciate anyone’s input

@nyclife, @aronchi, @Benedetto


Any suggestions for decent people to work with in the LA area?



I can help with Toyota. @chevysalesgirl if you want a Chevy.

If not those brands then a broker


My Thread got moved. The top line said:

2018 CRV EX in WHITE.

But if nothing works out on this, Cody I am planning on getting numbers on the Rav4 Hybrid. Thanks for responding.


Any brokers/dealers focusing on the Southeast (Specifically in GA) in semi-luxury/luxury brands?
Leads/Recommendations would be greatly appreciated as I hit a wall in my current search.



Hi, let me know if you guys think I am being reasonable here.

I Love Maserati Ghibli.

Ghibli (2018 or 2019 but new) (even the base model will do)
4 years/50k (basically new car warranty term)
$600 per month with 0 down/MSD

if I am not being practical what is the next nearest practical number.

cannot compromise on miles.
currently driving Benz SLK 250 -2014

thanks in advance



I’d say totally unreasonable and a waste of time unless you want a massive downpayment


I’m in NJ, and am looking for the best lease deals on Toyota RAV4 '18. AWD, either LE or XLE. 36 mo/10k year. (if there’s only 12k year, then do that).
I read online there’s 2250 lease cash and 0.0001 MF
Looking to sign in the next day and a half


Any leasing agent here that can help me on leasing Subaru Ascent in (Texas) ?


Looking to lease a F-type V6 or above. Open to loaners (mostly because the monthly would be less in that case)

  1. Mileage -> 10k/year
  2. Lease term -> 36 months
  3. Monthly -> Under 500/month

In bay area but would travel for the right deal. Currently leasing Ford mustang.


Hi, I am looking to leaee my very first jeep wrangler! I live in NY/NJ area. I would appreciate all the advice I can get. I am open to model type, I have only rented in the past. I also have not had much luck with leasing in general. Thanks in advance!

  1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type
    2018/2019 bmw 530e/530i/540i

  2. Term/Mileage
    12k Miles/ 36 months

  3. Region/State
    Tx- Houston
    I do not mind if I have to drive in other cities of Texas
    (Austin/San Antonio/Dallas/etc…)

  4. Preferred method of contact
    Please private message me and we can exchange contact information.

  5. Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.)
    Recent Grad

Demo vechiles are okay

Looking for:
0 Down
1% lease
Interior color: white/brown
M package (if 530e/530i)
Everything else is not mandatory


24 months
10k miles
Driver Assistance Package preferred

Please give me best quote to use in Calculator.
Will consider approximation in model (S, SE) or milage or lease term.
Looking to close the deal within a week.


New to here, but slowly understanding how it all works…

I am looking for a lease for either Ram 1500 or Ford F150. XLT.

I drive alot so 12k miles or ++

Looking to do no down payment and be under $450. Let me know if this is possible.



Hi all! I’m in the market for a mid size SUV. Looking to basically steal a car and happy to pay a broker to find the best deal. Someone might need to temper my expectations lol! See below for what I’m ideally looking for. Thanks for the help please PM me!

Budget: high $300 sub $400 range.
-Make preferences: AWD
2019 Chevy traverse RS
2019 Mazda cx9 touring
2019 Jeep GC limited or trail hawk
-Flexible on term and 10k miles
-Live in NJ 08053 but willing to travel for a deal
-Educator discount? And competitive lessee