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Hi all,

Looking for a lease deal for my dad who is on fixed income. Some of the requirements below:

Year: 2018/2019
Make/model: flexible. Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Hyundai
Mileage: 10.5k-12k
Term: 24/36 months
Budget: $175 ballpark (again fixed income)
Downpayment available, including DAS $1000
State: NJ

Really need your help here team to hack a deal for him. His current car is on its last leg.


I am located in east bay/ sacramento area. looking to buy Soon

  1. 2019 RDX AWD ADV
  2. 36/10k
  3. North California
  4. Email -
  5. have a RX350 for competitive lease, also have a subaru to trade in.


Looking to lease a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
Need auto windows and doors, hard top, prefer running boards.

Looking for $340 or below a month with low drive off.
7.5k/36 months or 10k/36 months
Southern California
email or reply
I currently have a 2016 Jeep lease ending next month.



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Looking for a Broker/Dealer to help me acquire a 2016 Acura TLX Base model, under 30K miles,
from Manheim auction. Cash/Certified Funds ready. Please PM or E-Mail.


Marketing team at Toyota has decided to allocate all trunk cash for 2020 Supra into another year of prototype tease and random leaked photo buzz campaign.


Seems legit :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I found out that 2018 Escalades don’t have any lease options so I would like to move on plan B

  1. 2018 BMW M3
  2. 36 mos / 12K
  3. Car to be registered in Delaware 19720. Looking for car in NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD
  4. PM or email.
  5. no BMW loyalty. Looking for executive package, automatic transmission and blind spot.


Hi everyone, couldn’t sort out my old account so i made a new one!

Looking for a 2019 AM Vantage for around $1350 (no sales tax here in Oregon) a month or so. 10k a year. PNW.


Looking for a 2019 TLX 2.4 Apsec Gray with Black Interior, but open to other color combos.
In Northwest Ohio, 36/10k, Looking for $0 DAS Under $400 per month.


Hello Brokers
my inlaws are looking to lease an SUV w AWD. Base models/lowest MSRP will work to start the discussion. I understand that there is better value in a higher trim with a higher residual so we can look at that too. Targets:

They probably dont qualify for any incentives. Would like to pay only the first payment at inception with everything else rolled in if possible.
State: NY

Looking to close this pretty quick so I promise I wont waste time. I have read the forums so i have sense where the numbers may land but ofcourse with the new year and new numbers looking to see what can be done.

Please reach me at

Thank you!


Are there currently any leases for less than $99/mo and $0 DAS? I remember seeing those Fiat deals a few years back.

Do you think I can get a minivan or SUV for less than $200/mo and $0 DAS?


Hi Brokers,

Have a relative looking for a mid-size SUV with a mid-level trim. Really wants features like AWD, heated seats, power liftgate. Have looked at Hyundai (MF seems to be high now) and Nissan, but open to different makes that have the wanted features.

Qualify for college incentive, if available. Looking for 36m/12k miles, Zero at signing, in Pennsylvania (outside Philadelphia, not in city). Would really like to get monthly in the 200’s. What’s possible?

Thank you!


Mid size @ 200/mo w/AWD, heated seats, mid level trim, etc, 0 DAS with 12k/yr…What’s possible…nothing.


Stuff that I read here … amazes me :smiley:


Please send us all dealer info when you find one … if you do that is.


Good to know. Not@200, though. In the 200’s, i.e. $200-$300. I’m not that crazy. LOL.


Equinox LT with confidence and convenience package


RAV4 XLE maybe


I misread…Equinox or Terrain