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I highly recommend not simply walking blindly into a dealer. Do your research before. The edmunds jeep forums will have all of the answers you need regarding relevant money factors and incentives by your zip code. Then search this forum for past Jeep GC deals so you have a frame of reference. Then, check Honcker app. Then reach out to dealers by email.

Only walk into a dealer once you’ve already agreed on a deal.


Last place says “what”?


Hello from Miami, FL
I’m looking for the best 2018 or 19 4Runner Lease possible.
SR5 Premiuim 4WD XP package with 3rd row.

36/12 or 36/15

What would be good lease terms deal on this?


Thank you for the advice! I have the Honcker app and have been keeping an eye on it. I will check out the other forum, thanks.


Looking to lease a 2019 Honda Civic Sport in Aegean Blue 6MT.
This is the offer so far from a dealer in the Midwest.


Looking for a small luxury crossover, very open currently with options, looking for best payment in the context of a decently equipped vehicle (AWD is a need).

BMW: X1, X2 or X3

Audi Q3 or Q5

Alfa Romeo Stelvio TI or TI Sport

Volvo XC60

Acura RDX

Grand Cherokee

Lexus RX or NX

12k / year, 24 or 36 month term. Looking to get a new lease by the end of the month.

One payment left on my BMW lease. Tier 1 credit. Located in the Michigan(49503).

Not looking for a unicorn deal, but a good deal. Willing to travel ~ 500 mile to pickup vehicle.



Looking for a 2018 BMW X6 or 2018 BMW X5 with M-sport. NYC area, willing to travel. 36 months 10k/year. Eligible for loyalty. I know 2018s are getting harder to come by.


You’re gonna needa narrow down that list a bit in order for brokers to provide you with more pointed offers. I can’t see any broker running numbers on all of those choices.


I completely understand, but the way my experience has been with dealers in the midwest has been so bad and unwilling to work on any decent deal that is why I am so broad on my list. More than happy to discuss it further with whoever can help me.


Looking for a luxury ,sporty, sedan , with some good tech, that i can lease (10k/36months) for under $450/ month with $0 down. I have been quoted at audi , bmw , and benz dealers some crazy numbers , any help or suggestions?


Looking for 24 month / 10k with $0 down/drive offs under $250/month. Please PM if you have any options. I’m located in Orange County, CA.


Looking for 36 months 15k miles/year lease Nissan rogue or similar, with true $0 down in PA area monthly payment below $300


Just finishing my hacked equinox dea. I am in St Louis Missouri and willing to travel around the Midwest to get a deal. Looking for a 7, preferably 8 seater. Any suggestions on a broker that could help me secure a deal?

Thank you!


Located in Nashville. Looking for 36mo/10k/$0 down for a BMW X1 around $300/mo.
Please PM with any options.


Located in San Francisco Bay Area but will be moving to Los Angeles in January
Looking for a BMW 530E with $0 down, drive off fees ok.
Would like to keep the monthly payment around $450.
36 month lease, 12k miles per year
Preferred contact is private message


Pacific Northwest. Looking to lease bmw 36/12k with 430+ tax and minimum drive offs.
Will consider 3GT, 5 awd.


Hi all. First time leaser here. Which of these cars has the highest potential for a good or close to great deal before the year ends?
I am a new grad. I have a $2000 incentive with GLC SUV that expires on nov 30. No loyalty, no trade-in, no conquest, no BMW CCA. I’m in 85308 but will move back to 92782 soon so either location is okay.

Listed in order of preference:
2019 X5
2018 X5/ 2019 GLC SUV
2018 Lexus RX 450h

would $0 down and $500-550 a month be considered a trolling the forum? Please remove the thread if asking in the wrong place.


Looking for a hybrid lease takeover that is less than 350 a month (sedan) either BMW or Lexus or similar luxury car in the NY nj ct area!


Looking for any Black Friday deals in the Nor CAL Bay Area (San Jose)
In the market for a VW Tiguan AWD SEL or SEL premium. can do 3 year lease, 10K miles.
Current VW owner, no trade in excellent credit
Black interior, any exterior color considered except the Habanero orange eyesore!



Looking for an A4 Quattro w/ Nav & Telematics (19" wheels would be a bonus). Loaners are fine. 36 or 39 mo. 10K miles a year. Ideally 0 down 0 DAS.