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still in the market?


Want to lease trd pro or nightshade in NY area, 12k don’t care how many months
Open to suggestions


Looking for

Tundra, 2019 Ram, Ridgeline, any trucks
Southern New Mexico, 88310
Preferred method of contact email
Special qualifications military and college grad.

Have been seeing the tundra deals, but having trouble getting one. Can’t find a dealer within 150 of me that uses US Bank. I’m open to the brand/model and willing to pay a bit more since I’m in a low population part of the country, I am also willing to travel. Do not want a base model. I have 780 Credit.



Ideal would be to takeover someones Mid size truck or suv Lease till June. 300ish payment, 600 miles a month or so.

Also open to starting a new lease, Suv/Midsize truck, 10k miles, 24 or 36 months. Android auto and Radar cruise control are wants.

Lmk if you have something for me!


Hi looking for

  1. 2018 or 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk
  2. 36mo/12k
  3. NJ 07728
  4. PM
  5. Current lease w/Ford, Access to Jeep/Chrysler affiliate program.


He isnt a broker and neither is he a Lease Santa… spend some read time here and learn how the forum works :pray:


Hello All,

Looking for the following:

  1. Small AWD SUV — open to make/model. so far I like the Infiniti QX50 Essential w/Sensory or Autograph, Acura RDX w/Tech, GMC Terrain Denali, BMW X2 xDrive, Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti.
  2. Terms: 36/10k
  3. Budget: $350-$450 / $0 drive off
  4. Preferred contact: PM
  5. Currently leasing a Lincoln MKC Reserve due in February 2019. Qualify for recent college grad incentives.
  6. Zip: 11427


Qx50 would def be in that budget. Contact one of the many brokers on here that do Infiniti deals in nyc.

Nyclife or aronchi have great numbers on these this month


Hellcat Widebody $599-650 12k /36 automatic trans

USAA member, current Dodge owner, Costco member

  1. AWD SUV (crossover) — Remote start desired, not set on a specific model
  2. 36/10k
  3. Budget: $250-$400
  4. North Jersey
  5. Preferred method of contact: Private message
  6. Don’t believe to be eligible for any special qualifications


Looking to lease new 2018 XLE Highlander or 2018/2019 EV Sorento. Can close immediately.
3Yrs/36,000 miles
Northeast region/Connecticut
FICO 850+
Contact via email


You do realize there is no Sorento EV, right?


Thanks for pointing out typo. I meant Sorento EX


@nyclife could help you out with the x2 + QX50.


This whole thread is basically a wish list :rofl:


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I am located in the NYC area. Looking to lease a:

  1. 2018/2019 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium AWD
  2. 36 months/10k
  3. NYC
  4. contact via forum/ or email in the profile
  5. Excellent credit. I currently have a BMW and Toyota lease. Looking to get a new lease by the end of this month.

Thank You



That seems to be the attitude of a lot of regulars here. People are new to leasing and just want the beat deal and help. That’s seems to be what this forum was meant for. The belittling of people here really turns them off from an otherwise great resource for the consumer.


I know it’s not necessarily a crossover, but a well equipped Jeep Grand Cherokee would be within your budget.


I would like one but I’m having trouble finding incentives that I would qualify for. Going to a dealership tonight to see what they can offer.