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Hello. I live in Orange County area in California and was looking to lease 2 mid size suvs. Been looking at the Mazda cx-5/9, GMC Terrain/Acadia, Ford Explorer Sport, or the Discovery Sport. Anyone with good deals? Will I get a better deal getting 2 cars from the same dealer? Thanks in advance!


Hello fellow LH community members, I’m looking to lease a sedan (preferrably).
I am open to different options; any good deal would be thoroughly appreciated (please @ me).
Brokers, feel free to contact via pm/email

  1. Year/Make/Model: New/loaner, any make (lexus, audi, bmw, infiniti, VW, subaru, etc - I am not that particular)
  2. Budget or Vehicle Type: ~$350 (negotiable)/mo; $0 DaS
  3. Term/Mileage: 24/12 (negotiable)
  4. Region/State: Southern California
  5. Preferred method of contact: PM/Email

Thank you for your time!


Hey I am looking for a Mazda3 Hatch have you got any aggressive offers from anyone?



I am looking for an SUV or CUV in Eastern PA. Under $250 month with taxes preferably no money or minimal money down. Don’t need any fancy features just an around town car 10k/36months. Must be Japanese no domestic cars. Please PM me any offers.

Thank you,


Looking for a 2019 C300 4MATIC lease in NJ/NY Area!!
I can get MB DEAL NUMBER when required. Looking to put first month + applicable fee. Would love to stay around 380$. I live in NJ, but willing to drive and pickup the car from nearby states.
Demo / loaner cars also ok.
Please help!


Currently driving an Altima base have 3 more payments left @ $206,

  1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type- 2018 Altima or Rogue
  2. Term/Mileage 36/36k…will never hit the 36k current car has 24k.
  3. Region/State. NYC
  4. Preferred method of contact. PM
  5. Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.)- First responder.

Would like to stay in the range i’m paying now if possible.


I am currently interested in an Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Sport that has an MSRP of 48,090. I live in Miami and I’m looking anything between $350-$450 with just 1st payment, docs and acquisition due at signing. Please help me. Thanks in advance.


send me $500 and I will help you AKA this is not how this site works.


Hello all,

Having some difficulty with a 2018 Atlas SE 4motion Lease. Spoke with a few dealers and tried to negotiate a 10/36 lease for sub 430 with 0 out of pocket. I know MF is .0090 and Res is 51 with current offer of 2025 in lease cash and I qualify for military rebate of 500. Any thoughts on how to make the numbers work? MSRP is 38855 and tried to shave 12/13% before lease cash kicked in. Any help/advice is appreciated!


Have 4 weeks out of my lease and need a new ride. Looking for something with 1k miles or more a month. $200 or less but can go up a bit if is a good deal.

  1. New York, Hudson Valley Region or 100 miles away
    Great Credit so no issues with wasting time.

Serious sellers only please,


Looking for CX9 GT AWD in the NYC/ tri-state area. Have any leads?


My friend got a Mazda 3 Grand Touring fully loaded for $304 a month after taxes with zero down and zero customer cash/drive offs (first month free and free car washes for duration of lease). If you PM I can send you which dealership in Cali he got it from.


Looking for a 2019 Volvo XC60 T6 Inscription with Nappa Leather and Advance Package. Would like to stay at or below 1% (all in) on a 24 month/10k lease. Credit good at 800+. Getting out of a 2018 S90 with their 9-month pull-ahead. I’m in Northern NJ but also have residency in Charlotte NC (3% tax).

Other options would be a 2018/2019 Volvo V90cc (maybe better incentives). I need a car with greater ride height and better storage.


Good luck with that.


Looking for a C300 or C300 4matic well optioned in Norcal. Loaner is also OK.


Saw it was for a Volvo


I’m in the New York, looking to lease SUV in the next 60 days. VW Tiguan, Volvo XC90/60 Any good people out there that you can point me to?? Please DM.

I’m very flexible on the car. Prefer 7 seats.

Good credit score.
Current VW owner



LEASE TRANSFER WANTED - 18 months or less - Chicago area or within 1000 miles

  • My current lease is expiring and I need something to drive for the next 12-18 months

  • prefer BMW/Audi, (no Q5/Q7) but flexible on any car that is not white and is a good value proposition - for example, anything from a Civic to an S7 might work.

  • monthly payment up to $700ish - but, again, its all about the value proposition.

  • high mileage/low remaining mileage ok but no damage and service up to date.

  • contact me via PM

  • Excellent credit, have done a number of swaps, never rejected, and understand the process



Looking for

  1. 2018 RAV4 XLE AWD (qualify for lease loyalty )
  2. 36 Month /10 k
  3. NY -11801
  4. Method of contact email

Must Have’s
Moonroof, AWD, Backup Camera, Blind spot monitor, Driver’s power/auto adjustable seats
Extra Value “Plus” package - Blind spot monitor (BSM & RCTA)
Preferred colors - Exterior- Silver sky metallic, Ruby Flare pearl, Magnetic Grey, White
Interior- Black fabric
optionals-power liftgate with jam protection


Good Evening all,

Searched high and low and could use some guidance now locating a Jaguar Ftype SVR Convertible Deal

  1. 2018/2019 Jaguar Ftype SVR Convertible (Would Lease Transfer if someone wants out one)
  2. Flexible 12k/15k 33-42months
  3. Atlanta, GA (Killed on Lease Tax up front!)
  4. Email to start, Phone for progress
  5. None :frowning: 760+Credit Score
  6. Can put up to $10k down looking to keep payments close to $1k but flexible with the deposit/ payment to get a good balance.

Must have Blind spot Assist. Flex on Colours etc Standard spec is perfect but extras are welcome.