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Go to Edmunds…you’ll get the info quicker.


Looking to purchase immediately:

  1. 2019 Volt LT Base
  2. 36/15 , $0 DAS
  3. $300 incl. Los Angeles Tax

  1. Year/Make/Model: 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe LT
  2. Term/Mileage: 36/12k
  3. Region/State: South Florida
  4. Preferred method of contact: Private Message or

Please send deals based on a 690 credit score.

Looking to lease 2018 XC90 T6

Damn in San Diego it’s about 3k down and 600 a month right now

  1. Year doesn’t matter/Buick/Encore AWD (preferably with heated seats and steering wheel and blind spot alert), less than $280/mo
  2. 24 or 36 months/10,000 miles/year, $0 down, $0 drive off
  3. 12203
  4. Email
  5. Educator’s discount

  1. 2018 BMW 320XI or 330XI Demo/Loaner if possible
  2. 24 or 36 months/10,000 miles/year, $0 down, $0 drive off
  3. 10309 (NYC)
  4. Private Message or

  1. 2019 BMW 530e
  2. 2 or 3 years
  3. WA State
    4.reply in this thread


Looking for new SUV

  1. Year/Make/Model: 2018, 2019 Volvo XC90.
  2. Budget or Vehicle Type:~ 500/month with tax
  3. Term/Mileage: 36/10k or 36/12k
  4. Region/State: Greater San Diego.
  5. Preferred method of contact: Message/Email: cathy0029 at


Hey Guys,

Cars I would be interested in (in the order of interest):

  1. Ford F-150 2018:
    1. XLT / Chrome Grill
    2. Super Crew
    3. V8
    4. Dark Color
    5. ~$400/450 monthly max if possible?
  2. If good deals available: Volvo S90 or XC90
    1. Preferably AWD and T5/6
    2. Dark Color
    3. Sport Package?
  3. V8 Sports Car for $500 less if anything interesting
  4. If nothing else: Hyundai Sonata/Honda Accord/Toyota Camry (but would prefer not to)
    1. Dark Color
    2. ~$200 monthly max

Please send me a DM if you have anything interesting! Thanks!

  1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type
    2019 Subaru Impreza (with Eyesight)/Forester/Legacy. Budget is $1500 DAS, motnhly payment including CT taxes is $260. Also considering a Toyota RAV4.
  2. 36 months/12k miles
  3. CT - willing to drive to a NY state dealer in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess counties. If the deal is good, Northern NJ can be considered
  4. Preferred method of contact: Please PM me in this forum
  5. Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.): Returning a 2016 Legacy Premium - lease due 12/20


Is this a wish list?


I am looking for a spare car, the vehicles I am looking at are Ford Explorer or Edge, Infiniti qx60, Jeep Grand Cherokee or New Ram 1500 crew cab std bed. I am interested in getting the best deal which is high residual, incentives and a high leasehackr score. I am in no rush just waiting to score the best deal I can.

  1. Year/Make/Model: 2018 - 2019
  2. Budget or Vehicle Type:~ SUV or Pickup with crew cab b/c of car seats
  3. Term/Mileage: 24/10 or 12
  4. Region/State: NJ
  5. Preferred method of contact: Message: PM me
  6. Credit - A credit

  1. Year/Make/Model: 2018 - 2019 with safety features like auto break, blind spot

  2. Budget or Vehicle Type:~ Suv (rav4, equinox, rogue size (250 or less - ideal 225) or sedan accord sonata size (190 but 180 or less ideal)
    NUMBERS INCLUDE TAX. Will pay acquisition fee upfront with tire fee etc

  3. Term/Mileage: 24/36 Mo 10k

  4. Region/State: tri state area

  5. Preferred method of contact: Message: PM me

  6. Credit - upper 700s-800 score


Looking for lease in Miami or South Florida. Chevy Equinox or GMC Terrain. Who’s got the best deals?


Hi. Been dealing with a dealer which I’ve been happy with but can’t seem to find a vehicle with the options I’m looking for and a deal to agree on.
Here’s my wish list:
2018 BMW X5 40e
Premium package
Driver assistance package
Harmon Kardon
Apple car play or wireless charging(so I can add car play later)
That’s it.
Current deal is $757 month on $71085
$2670 down. Rate is for Hawaii 4.712 and yes, I will have to have the car shipped here and do all the paperwork online or overnighted.
I see bmw site states there is $4250 lease credit which I do not see in the numbers I have gotten. Trying to get below $700mnt.
I’m coming off an Audi lease.
Any help would be appreciated.
I’m not against a loaner vehicle either.


Looking to lease a 2019 Q7 Premium Plus, with Warm weather package, and run flat tires.
Am located in Houston, TX


I’m looking to get a 5 series within the next two-three weeks as my 3 series lease is ending up. Can you please tell me what the best absolute deal would be on a 5 series? I don’t want any payments over $460-480 tax included. I do qualify for BMW Loyalty and work at Bank of America corporate and have a Costco membership. Maximum I’m willing to put down out of my own pocket is $2,000. You can contact me via email: if you can find a deal for me. I’m located in Los Angeles, CA.


Looking for a third row/7 seater. Obvious choices are highlander, pathfinder, qx60 - higher trims preferred. I’m open to any, I would just pick the best deal. Credit upper 700s, can pay multiple msds and/or tax/title out of pocket.

Active duty military in 23509, but can also register in TX. Vehicle must be shipped in, or I can travel about 100 miles to pick up.

Looking to make it happen in the next two weeks.

Thanks all


Looking for a Tundra, F150, 1500 or other Full Size Pickup.

Located in Maryland.



[2018/2019 Mazda Miata RF Club/Grand Touring]
Budget Type
[2/24 or 3/36]
[Southeast Region - FL]
Preferred method of contact
Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.)
[Current leasing a Chevy ending 12/18]

Potentially open to other cars with good terms in same monthly price range