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You aren’t gonna get any deal at 24 or 36 months with an Infiniti.


What about 39m?


There are quite a few qx60 threads on here over the last few months. You should be able to get a decent deal since you are in NJ and can use MSDs.


Looking for a Grand Cherokee limited or above
Lexus GX
Infiniti QX

Lease swap in Massachusetts!


Looking for Mazda 6 Lease. GT or Signature trim perfered. Is there any Mazda Brokers?


39 is the only lease term with Infiniti that is competitive.


I’m looking for 36 month lease 15k/yr zero down for Chevy Volt or Honda Clarity. I’m in long Island New York 11554 zip code.

I have GM supplier discount code as well


I am trying to lease an SUV and this is my first time. Here is the offer an Austin, TX Area VW dealer has on its website. How to start the negatiation? What should be my starting price? I am ok doing Mutiple Deposits Or one time pay.

They have a lease offer on Tiguan S for 219/Month with $0 down. But no inventory .
Help is much appretiated .


Thanks for your informative posts. I am am not sure if you personally can help (very happy to work if you if you can) or maybe point me to broker on the site, It would be really appreciated.

One simple question also, which I did not see in FAQ/101… I currently own all my vehicles and they are paid off. So for a trade in on a lease… Does price paid - trade in value have to be > RV… so does the trade in have to be less that the cost of the lease (or you would be negative), I figure it is technallly possible but also dealers would not love that scenario (though the money would add up in the end)

Thanks again

Geoff Stahl


Sorry should have said…

Volvo XC60 T8… high end of the range with a some specific options (but a search of inventory shows if should be in stock at a few dealers at least. Likely 70-72 MRSP. Looking for 36/15 or 36/12 (my mileage is likely in the 15K per year range and this would be a primary vehicle.

Credit is excellent and money on hand not an issue. Could choose a few different cars for trade in… I am in Bay Area but happy to drive or fly to SoCal to buy/get car

Thanks again,



I’m not a broker, but can help as well as the others here. Post your offer when you get one. Keep your trades separately from the lease and do not roll trade money into the lease. Just get a check, or trade to carvana, vroom, carmax.
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Jeep is currently running $229/month with 3k down on a GC Laredo E at 24/10. So all rolled in you’re at around $280/month before any negotiation.

May wanna look into that and go from there.


Delete**** no longer looking for JLU but working with broker for a Q50


Seattle area, seeking car now, I can pay to ship

Infiniti QX60 AWD,10-12K miles/year

I’m interested in the closest thing to sign and drive. $375/month all in (tax, drive off, etc)

780+ score 200K+ income


Looking for zero drive off or low $ drive-off lease on Nissan Rogue Hybrid SL AWD


Looking for help on:

Volvo xc60 T8- inscription or R design
Northern California
message me
looking for $600/mo range if at all possible



Looking to lease BMW 530i xDrive in NJ area. 10K miles/year and 0 down. If there are any good deals, PM me.


In SoCal and looking for anything under $350 after tax, $0 due at signing, 3yr/36k miles. Obvious preference would go towards BMW/Lexus/Audi/Benz previous loaners, but might not be possible. Thanks!

  1. 2018-2019/Land Rover/Velar
  2. New/Used
  3. Seattle, WA
  4. 98109
  5. n/a



  1. 2019/Hyundai/Santa Fe Ultimate/Limited Trim
  2. 36 month/12k per year
  3. ND
  4. Email via this forum
  5. Special qualifications: Excellent credit, competitive lease have numbers in the works from 2 neighboring dealerships. Trading in a vehicle Putting that money into lease. Going to graduate school next year desire low payments.