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I’m looking for a 2019 volvo xc60 inscription.

Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type
Preferred method of contact: Email via this forum
Special qualifications, if applicable (current volvo owner)

0 down, $400-500/month if possible

  1. 2018/2019 BMW 5 / Mercedes E300 New or Demo / Loaner, about $450 a month $0 down.
  2. 36 month 10k per year or 24 month 10k per year
  3. NorCal, Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area
  4. Message me, PM me
  5. Special qualifications: MSD, Preferably with 360 surround View camera.

  1. Lexus RX 350, New or Demo / Loaner, about $380 a month $0 down.
  2. 36 month 10k per year or 24 month 10k per year
  3. NorCal, Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area
  4. Message me, PM me
  5. Special qualifications: MSD, Preferrably with 360 surround View camera.


Wanted! Looking for an Audi A4 premium tech(summer of Audi)/ Premium plus with cold package lease around $450 per month zero down for 36 months 10k miles. I live in Delaware and can travel to Penn,NJ,NY,Maryland to get a deal. Please contact me if there are any deals available.



Wanted 3 series or 4 series gran coupe. 10k miles per year. White, black, silver, red colors okay. In Dallas. Can lay for shipping. Thanks!


Zero down. 2 or 3 year lease is fine. 800+ credit.


Good luck with all of your expectations. They’re very unreasonable and unrealistic


so are 99.9% of the posts here. they usually go “i’d like a so and so luxury car, demo works too, at a residual that’s higher than the one set by the bank and a lower than base money factor. then i’d like free maintenance, and for the dealer to go out of its way to lose several thousand dollars on my car and then go out of business”


Looking for a Chevy Bolt in Ohio. Been to 2 different dealers. Even with the Costco discount, it’s $640 for the Premier model. Even the Nissan Leaf - 2 dealers was almost $600 for the SL. I’m willing to travel or pay for shipping for a proper competitive lease on the Bolt. Open to options. My current lease ends in March - Subaru- so I have time. Thanks


2018 Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum with Momentum and Convenience Package.

15k/36 mo

Southeast (Florida)

Contact email or here. Nonorato at

Qualify for lease competitor


Looking for Lexus ES 350 - lease take over / transfer. Needs to be a 2015 or newer.

Please send me your lease details and any incentives you may be offering. I am open to picking a car in pretty much any state, as I plan to either drive or truck it to Texas. Please message me, and I’ll share my mobile number to discuss further.



Kinda all over the place but…
Looking for lease deals on a Q60 3.0t luxe or sport and an Audi A4 premium plus with virtual cash option

Miles 10k, NJ NY area

Credit score 730 or 775 depending on which report used

Preferred contact is email


let me know what you’re looking for. i think i have a couple q60 left.


Hi All,

I have a Honda Accord coming off lease in a month and I’m in the market for a Mercedes c300 or BMW 330i. I live in GA. Anyone have any info on any great lease deals?

Looking to do a 12/15k mile lease


Brand new to this forum so apologies if I am doing anything wrong with my post (please let me know).

I am currently nearing the end (11/30) of my lease on a 2015 Volvo S60 T6 Platinum. I feel as though I got a somewhat reasonable deal since it was my first ever time leasing a car and I didn’t know about Leasehackr at the time but now that I’m here you can all grill me on how bad this deal was if so :laughing:

I’m in Boston and in 2015 I paid $2500 down and $350/month for 39 months for a fully optioned model at 15k miles/yr, this also included the “dents and dings” coverage or whatever it’s called.

I was really excited that my lease was ending just as the new redesigned S60s are coming out but my dealer is being totally unreasonable and telling me that I wouldn’t be able to get into one for anything less than $3k down and $550 a month so I’m going to give up on Volvo and move elsewhere.

Here’s what I’m looking to pay for my next lease: $3k or less down, ~$400 month at 13k miles/yr (36 mths). I have a FICO score over 800 so there shouldn’t be any problem with credit.

So far I have been looking primarily at the 2019 Acura TLX, 2019 Lincoln MKZ, 2018 Audi A3 and other similar models. My price range doesn’t seem to be far out of alignment with what is standard for these models but if I am off here, please let me know.

Does anyone have any suggestions for cars that I may not have considered yet or guidance on any of the models above? All help would be greatly appreciated, I’d really like to do this lease the right way since I now have access to the knowledge of so many experienced people.

Thank you

  1. 2019 E3004M
  2. 36/12
  3. New York, Nassau
  4. Email:
  5. mercedes loyalty


You can have an '18 S90 T5 AWD for low 400 with $0 down. ($0 down <> due at signing)


Wanted: 2018-19 Charger Scat Pack, 12k miles a year. Anyone have any deals for me? Best I’ve found is 0 down 440 a month for a base that already had 400 miles on it. Michigan

  1. Year/Make/Model: 2018 Mercedes C-class/ Audi A4 / Volvo S60
  2. Term/Mileage: 24/12k or 36/12k
  3. Region/State: Bay Area/ CA
  4. Preferred method of contact: Message/Email
  5. Looking for ACC/LKS feature.New grad.

  1. Year/Make/Model: 2018/19 Ford Explorer Sport
  2. Term/Mileage: 24/15, 36/15
  3. Region/State: Houston, TX
  4. Preferred method of contact: Message/Email

Options: 401a, Second Row Buckets, Twin Panel Roof.

Believe have $750 PCO, Houston Rodeo Discount.

Looking for rate/residual, lease cash incentive info, tax credits. Thanks!!