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I am looking for 2022/2023 Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon from a broker who can ship to Seattle, WA or its surroundings. Also if there is a link for the current deals to these cars would be great to look at as well…

Open to connect to y’all.

Hello everyone

I have excellent credit and looking for midsize to full size suv. Prefer to be under 500 per month but could be more if hybrid electric or an amazing deal. Located in south Florida. Have no trade in and can do up to 4 das.

Do you think there are better deals now or wait till end of year?

Thanks and happy thanksgiving everyone!

i will wait,
used prices are going down
it is a matter of time
dealers are going to be with a lot of inventory again and discount in some brands will come back

IMO…wait it out.

I can do a sr5 premium 4Runner for 500/mo. 43k msrp. Tax tags fees included for Florida. Pickup in the northeast or pay about &800 to ship it. Put 4k down and you’re in the high 300s. Or you can do refundable msds and be around 450/mo

Also have highlanders around that price as well.

Text if interested. I don’t think there’s a cheaper deal on a full size suv out there.




There are no amazing deals and they won’t be back any time soon.

Don’t get into an overpriced lease. Finance something with good value retention and good fuel economy like a hybrid Highlander or hybrid/PHEV RAV4

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Help me find good deals for finance on any these below 2023 AWD model vehicles

  1. Hybrid Highlanders XLE and above trims.
  2. Sienna XLE and above trims.
  3. Kia Telluride SX and above trims.
  4. Palisade SEL with Convenience pkg and above trims.
  5. Kia Sportage Hybrid/Gas SX and above.
  6. Toyota Venza XLE/Limited.
  7. Atlas SEL-R line 4 motion

Region: St.Louis, MO

I am seeing deals on 2022 pilots & CRVs as dealers trying to clear the inventory for newly redesigned 2023 models but I did not like the interior of 2022 models, looks cheap plastic with premium price .

Think autoNinja has good deals on Mazda CX9 and CX5.

I have hybrid highlander at msrp…

Hi marketplace friends, please feel free to message me your lowest monthly price finance or lease deal that you have available in TX before end of year. Don’t really care what vehicle, don’t need a lot of miles or long term. Prefer not to do any big down payments but OK with MSDs.

Currently sharing a Toyota Tundra lease @ $415/mo with my spouse and looking into options to get a second less expensive vehicle. Ideally looking for something smaller or more fuel efficient than another truck but not set on anything particular.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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what trim ?

Have bronze edition and some le/xle

i have a limited coming in at msrp.

Think ahead, think about mapping out the next 5-6 years of driving. Maybe the lowest monthly payment today is a Nissan Frontier 18m lease. Compare the cash outflow of 4 of those leases (72 months) vs financing something like a Toyota Corolla for 72 months which gets you cash back upon selling or trading it. It gets even more lopsided when you add all your other cash outflows (fuel costs, taxes, insurance, etc.) into this scenario.

TLDR it’s kinda against your interests to just look at the lowest monthly payment. Because it’s not saving you any money in the long run.

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Thanks, this is good advice. I’m not opposed to a Corolla finance. I’ve looked in the marketplace ads for Texas and I’m only seeing advertisements for Jeep/Ram/BMW/Toyota luxury/large vehicles at the moment. Maybe one of the Toyota guys wants to quote me on a Corolla?

Just make a thread “cars for sale found by LHers”
I’m sure it’ll be helpful


Since 2023 Acura RDX is out now. I’m looking for 2022 Acura RDX base AWD with incentives, rebates etc. Guide me to the best deals please.

Barely getting built. Wouldn’t waste your time looking for an rdx.

Thanks for the reply. What’s the best premium SUV I can get at the moment ? Below 45k.

Depending on where are you located. Q5 is pretty decent if you’re on the east coast.
Base AWD RDX is rare. If you want to step up to Tech or Aspec it is more available in AWD.