Please keep all your “wanted” ads here - Part 3

I just sent you a PM

Appreciate you looking out Ursus! :facepunch:


Hi, looking for order discount on 2023 Ford Maverick.
I’m in NC BTW.


@AutoCompanion You better order soon. ORDER books close in next few days for 2023.


Is anyone able to get some sort of discounts for 2023 Hyundai Elantra SEL sedans in the Northeast, particularly in CT, NY, NJ, or MA?


What is the lowest priced lease for an EV now? Can be any EV, just need the lowest price!

I’m located in NY

Thank you

Check out broker deals in the Marketplace.

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I already checked. I was asking here in case there are better deals on the market, not through a broker. Thanks.

There are currently no good lease deals on EVs. If you really want one, your best bet is to find one at MSRP and finance it.

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Looking for a Mid or Full-Size SUV (3rd Row) higher end trim, nicely equipped and in stock - Probably going to be CDJR because of availability, but not sure if the any of the broker deals already posted here can be had on in-stock units.

I’m in DFW, but open to travel for deal. Will lease or Finance.

@Clutch might have some and his dealer is not that far from you


please shoot us an inquiry, we can get you something

Looking for Nissan Leaf SV+ in SoCal.

I’m in MA looking for a Genesis GV70 3.5 Sport Prestige. Please PM me!

If anyone has a lead on a Tesla Lease Transfer, I am looking to take over a model 3 that doesn’t have a ton of miles per month left.

I’m looking into purchasing a build slot for a 2023 Mercedes GT63s. I live in Massachusetts and right now my local dealership’s best price is 30k above sticker. Although I’ve called around a few places I’m not sure if this is a good deal on a national scale. I would have no issue buying the car anywhere else in the country. What are your thoughts?

$30k ADM for anything other than a true exotic or G-wagon/911 GT3 type of hyped car seems like a bad deal to me. Not sure if the GT63 (4 door or 2 door) was ever in that class of car.


Yikes. I hope it is not a Herb Chambers or McGovern Group dealership.

Do you know if any dealerships/brokers offering one for less?

I do not, Mercedes doesn’t seem to be as popular with the brokers or the hackers here. At least not like BMW or Audi…

Newbie here, looking for some help on finding a great deal on a Sorento Lease, I’m in central OHIO and willing to travel up to 3 hours. Anyone found a good Kia dealership?