Please keep all your “wanted” ads here - Part 3

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of brokers who advertise doing business in the Midwest. I am in Indiana as well.

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Wanted: Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo or Taycan Cross Turismo
Mileage: 15k
Term: 12m
Location: NorCal Bay area but can pick up SoCal

It’s a lease focused forum and leasing is not exactly prominent in the MidWest compared to Northeast, CA and FL markets. We tried doing some advertising in the midwest at one point and the demand was very low so it didn’t last. Great news is many of our dealers (and other brokers on here) typically will ship cars out to other states.


Hi, in search of 2024 or 2025 BMW X7 xDrive40i

Location: South Florida
Mileage: 15k
Term: 36m with some flexibility
Exterior: Preferably Silver (no black)
Interior: Preferably Brown (no black)
Down payment: As close to 0 as possible (excellent credit)

Looking to pull the trigger quickly on the right deal

Check if @Bacons_C.C has something.

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Month to month extension on my 2021 Forte (currently $238/mo) and it’ll come up soon enough.

I’m under no delusions I can ever get the same again, but wondering what if any options are possible from any make at all now sub-300 (no more than 320 really) with 0/low DAS at the moment. 36/10 or 12 is fine. Prefer gas but open to all options just so I know them.

In North TX area.

hyundai elantra or kia forte are pretty cheap right now

Last I checked the Marketplace in Texas was only offering sales tax credits on EVs (reduced from 6.25% of selling price to 1.25%)

Between the savings on gas and the tax savings your best bet is to look at EVs in the Marketplace

In search of Range Rover Velar

Location: Las Vegas (But will travel for pickup if needed)
Mileage: 10k
Term: 24-39 mo
Down Payment: As close to 0 as possible

Bonus: Prefer a prior loaner or courtesy vehicle that has taken a whack on selling price

Ready to sign

anyone else having trouble w/ the calculator?

just the other day i was able see the RV for hybrid and non-hybrid f-150’s. (was 2% difference one day. was 1% difference another).

now only the hybrid RV shows.

any thoughts or suggestions on how to reset or clear it would be appreciated.

cheers …

Looking for a 24/12 lease for a 3 row SUV.
Looking to keep monthly pmt under $485. Looking to only pay first month when picking up the car.

Zip is 48103. I have Costco, and a current 2022 CX-9 GT lease that’s ending up in a couple of months.

Brands/models I looked at before:

Sorento SX or.X Line SX
Palisade SEL with premium or above
Mazda CX90 either the PHEV or the gas version

I’m open to other brands too (less interested in Nissan).


Looking for:

Just about any AWD EV for a steal.
Location: New York, 12144.
Willing to drive up to 3hrs in any direction.

I have met people who have secured (with $0 down):
-Kia ev6 gt line/gt for $300
-Ariya for $200
-Lyric tech awd for $399
-Ioniq 5 for $250
-Sportage phev for $299
-Lexus rz for $375
-Solterra for $245
-Vw id4 for $270
-2024 Q4 e-tron 55 Premium for $420
-2024 i5 eDrive40 for $590
-24 Grand touring lucid for $850
-24 Touring Lucid for $580
-Polestar for $300
-F150 Lightning for $375

I would take any of those deals.
I do not care about color.
I do not need anything other than AWD.
10k miles is more than enough.
18-48 month lease, does not matter to me.
Ready to sign, my current Niro EV lease ends in 40 days.

The time it took to research/create this list could have been spent on just looking through Marketplace and picking the one that came closest.

And each example you listed probably includes various permutations of loyalty, conquest, MSD, taxation etc etc

Just because you replicate someone’s deal, in other words replicate their discount, doesn’t mean the final payment will be the same.

I have spent almost 5 (cumulative) hours sifting through marketplace and I just don’t understand it. Replies are to deals that occurred last month (or are gone now) half the time. I have messaged several brokers and have not received replies. 4 to be exact. Maybe i need to avoid this site on mobile because i can’t seem to grasp it.

Replies are not really relevant. If the seller has posted deal(s) in July then you know current prices and availability.

If “message” means DM then not all sellers check LH DMs. Everyone posts their preferred contact method.

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I will continue to sift through them. I log on and post where/when i can. I message a few people each week. Ill start looking for cell numbers and texting instead. I try to stay alert for whatever looks good, just having zero luck on here. Maybe im just doing it wrong :man_shrugging:t2:

Location: Orange County, CA

In search of a low-cost EV SUV like the Ariya, Ioniq 5, and Blazer EV. Leather/leatherette seats are a must-have.

Ready to sign; my current Nissan lease ends in 60 days.

Were all of those deals secured during the month of July? Programs change every month on leases. What was achievable in May let’s say, may not be achievable now. Not necessarily due to a particular dealer discount, but RV, MF, Rebates change monthly.

Looking for M440 Gran Coupe on Lease ( loaner prefereably) or happy to take over a lease
If anyone has a lease they are about to return, i am happy to buy it outright as well.

Color preferred : Black
Options : not fussed about it.
Location : Virginia but happy to travel or get it shipped
Term : If leasing 36 months.
Please let me know what you guys have .

Thank you

Where are you looking to be monthly on this?