Planning Ahead - Lease Ends in 6 Months

Hey yall, new here. Planning ahead and trying to be as financially smart as possible. I l live in PA. Current lease is 2019 Mazda3 Preferred 36 month/10k miles. I’ll probably be just at the 30k mile mark or just a hair under once lease is up. But I have some questions going forward and am bouncing between lease vs. finance for next vehicle. Vehicles I am looking at - RDX, Telluride, Sorrento, Palisade, XC40/XC60, Q3, X1…maybe GLB250. I’d love a Bronco, but do not see the over MSRP prices dropping anytime soon.

As you can see, I am targeting SUV’s (small-mid size). Is 3rd row absolutely necessary? Not 100%, but would be nice. Can live without it. Not sure what the market is going to look like in 6 months, but want to start planning and researching. All advice and tips are appreciated. I’m pretty familiar with what each car offers, but looking for advice on the financial side of things going forward. Thanks!!

I’m going to go ahead and take the RDX, Q3, and GLB off your list as they lease like :poop: Even pre-covid they were not good values even under MSRP, couldn’t imagine them now. I personally really like the new RDX, the drive, build quality, and the seats, I would so finance one if I could. Q3 is cute, pretty small, something you can get under 40k brand new, its an entry level Audi and it feels that way. GLB does a little better on feeling less basic even though it is, lots of room but the third row is pushing it. XC40 and XC60 are solid vehicles, I had a friend who has had both and I spent a good amount of time in them and driving them, both good options, just gotta decide what size you want. I had the first gen X1 awhile back, and I’ve been in the new ones and I like it for what it is, bigger than an Q3, a little more outdated, but I’m just a BMW boy at heart.

Even Volvos that were decent leases pre-pandmeic aren’t doing so well now. I’d say finance something that you like and hope to maybe stack some incentives or dealer discounts on and keep it for a bit.

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6Months + PA + Bronco + financially smart as possible =

Thank you!! Good breakdown there. I appreciate the advice

To me, that means reducing TCO (total cost of ownership). Two huge components of that are depreciation and fuel. So I’d look at RAV4 Prime and Sorento/SantaFe PHEVs.

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