Picked up Bmw m340


Picked up the m340 today. I posted the deal prior. 59875 msrp 10 percent off before rebates. 3k in rebates (loyalty and lease cash) . Next time I’ll plan and get ol code and try for more than 10 percent. Mf was .00145. @AP919 tax was 1423 on the car and then 283 on rebates and fees. I went w 24/10 and payment is 689 w 830 das that was first month/tire/and dmv plate transfer fee. Thanks to all that helped including @Electric. Yes I know could have shopped for alil more discount but I was time sensitive so I’ll plan alil more next time. Overall think it’s a decent deal


That’s a pretty one there!

Moved to shared deals. No questions to warrant “ask the hackrs”

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Sorry didn’t see that! My apologies

It looks awesome! I’m glad it all worked out, and the tax was a little less than they stated, right in line with what I calculated!

So when are you taking me for a ride? :stuck_out_tongue: You can drive it faster here in Westchester, considering all the LI traffic, plus the hills and curves make it more fun!

Nice looking ride! Congrats

Love the color! shocked you found a decent dealer in NY lol

I asked for 10 percent and my sales rep gave it to me wo going to his manager. This wasn’t even their car…another dealers. That probably tells me that I could have pushed for more. I saw old thread on here that said 10 percent so I figured that was a great deal. Live and learn, I wouldn’t back out over 1 percent. @AP919 we can take dogs in back seat after they are covered completely of course :smirk:


That’s great considering the dealer…I live in the area I’ve had 5 cars and not one has come from them!

Sweet looking car! Congrats!

Great looking car. Test drove the 330i m sport, loved it. New 3-series is fantastic.

M340 blows 330 away. The live cockpit pro is amazing on both and a must. One thing I wish it had that c43 does is panoramic roof. Feel sunroof is so tiny! But compared to my c43 deal I cancelled I’m paying 689 for 24/10 vs 810 36/10 for c43 same msrp :flushed::flushed::flushed:

bmw specifically makes their sunroof bigger than a normal sunroof, at least it’s that way on the 5 series, for some reason (must be weight/rigidity of structure) they don’t have panoramic roofs on their cars. I get why on the M cars but not their regular cars, just never made sense to me.

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The panoramic roof looks cool from the outside but is heavy and takes up lots of headroom.

I too was looking for a C43 and came up empty handed. There just weren’t any good deals out there and very limited stock on hand. I really liked the m340i. Might be my next car

headroom for what? I don’t see people putting on helmets in the car, again it still has a sunroof in the front. It’s not like on some m cars where there’s no sunroof at all.

No sunroof helps a lot if you track or drag the car because it gives you room to put a racing helmet on, I think it’s more of a money and structure rigidity/weight thing than headroom.

Ha I’m taller than most so headroom is a factor but I agree. I love the exterior look of panoramic roofs and like to keep them closed with the headliner rolled back while driving around.

Back in the day there was a Mustang with a sunroof and another with a glass roof. The glass roof was awesome

I’m 6’2, if I need a helmet it becomes tight. But I only take it to the drag strip a few times a year. But yeah I agree. Corvette has a replaceable roof panel that’s transparent, it’s awesome.

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They treat c43 likes it’s a car for the gods. Best I got was 6 percent off plus free maintenance. My payment was 800 for 36/10. The rebates were non existing…1500 for fleet. I got 3k from Bmw

“Free” maintenance.

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tesla - no “gas” bill every month lol.

You gotta pay for everything somehow someway or in some shape or form, it’s all baked in.