M340 X Drive Long Island Lease feedback


Hey there,

I am trying to custom order an M340 x drive in Long Island, NY. I have been shopping around to a bunch of dealers and am trying to see if I am getting a good deal (or if I can push even further).

MSRP: 62,820
Trade in: I owe $1500 on my current car that they want to roll in - not sure about how I should best handle this
residual 60%
36 Months, 10k miles a year
3860 due at signing (first month, taxes, fees)
629 a month

They claim they are losing close to 3k on the deal by selling it to me, but I got one dealer down from 750 a month to 635 a month in 1 hour and the other dealer from 699 to 629 in matter of minutes. They are starting to push back on me but I have a suspicion I can go even lower. What are your thoughts?

By the way, first time posting, so let me know if you need more info. Thanks!

Have you looked at the other posts relating to the M340x? Many people have posted their deals, search those and reference those.

I would look on CarGurus for one in NJ or PA so you can apply MSD’s to lower your payment.

Dealers will say anything. You forgot to post the Selling Price and discounts and incentives.

Also you need to get the MF theyre using.

Check Carvana and Vroom to see what they’ll give you for the trade.

Email the dealers in NJ and PA and negotiate the BMW for 10-12% off MSRP before incentives, the base rate MF and Residual (post in Edmunds to get that info), Use the MSDs (which are refunded after the lease). Get the car price deal done first then talk about the trade so they don’t move money around. But check Carvana and Vroom first.

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Whats the selling price of the car?

Are you just shopping monthly payment?

I want to custom order a very specific build. Standard MSRP is 62,820. The one dealer that shared the new “selling price” was around 56.8k. I am basically just trying to find the cheapest price. I don’t really care where I get it in Long Island. There are 5 or 6 dealers within 45 minutes of me. Does that help?

Discounts: conquest: 1000
seller discounts (they didnt specify what they call it): 2000

MF of .00145%

I called a family friend who works in NJ at Morristown BMW. he told me no way could he beat the deal at 629. He said his port fees are so much higher in NJ than NY that he would be losing too much.

“Custom order a specific build” and value shopping for the best lease value possible do not go hand in hand. If you want nice things you have to pay for them.

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Again I’d goto NJ and PA to get the ability to add the MSD’s (as you cant in NY). But your friend might not be able to but theirs plenty of dealers in NJ and PA. But if you don’t want to do MSD’s to reduce the monthly then try more dealers in NY. Email the dealers, don’t believe “we cant do that, losing too much money, blah blah blah” you just need one to bite.

Your discount is only around 5% before the 1k rebate for conquest and 2K. So your discount is weak. Push for 10-12 off before the 3K in rebates.

The MF and Residual look base but the MSD’s will lower it more.

Look at this broker deal in NY:

That is a terrible discount.

I think you should just stop and take the time and read this site and try to learn as much as possible. If you have too ask for feedback on a deal like this it shows just how little you actually know.

Thanks, this was super helpful. I am going to push much harder on this deal.

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Don’t shop by monthly

Keep the MF @ base .00145 and shoot for 10-11% off

But maybe plug it into the calculator first so you know where you’re ending up before throwing out arbitrary numbers

Long island dealers normally don’t have much of a discount, tbh.

They are basically selling you the car at invoice plus whatever incentives apply.
You should be able to find a dealer out of New York to go under invoice on a factory order.

The kicker here is that your doing a “very specific custom order build” so if I had to imagine that is why you are having a tougher time getting an attractive discount. Dealer doesn’t want to get stuck with your factory order if you decide to turn around and cancel it.

You’ll always be more likely to get a better discount on an in-stock unit versus a customer order.