Picked up Bmw m340


Can you share dealer info please?

Mash do you want to replicate this deal? I’ll call my dealer personally for you. To be clear I’m not bragging this is the best deal out there…you can probably get 11 percent off w base if you search hard. Obv it’s ny and you can’t do msd. But if you want this deal I’ll call my rep and tell him I have a friend who wants to replicate

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Yes please

Can you pm details on what your looking for and if you will sign before August?

And if you live in Westchester (I know you’re in Nassau, @Lax854, but @Mash_our24 might be here) and live somewhere other than Mt. Vernon, New Roc., Yonkers, or White Plains, you want to sign before August 1 anyway, due to the sales tax increase.

@AP919 isn’t ur neck of the woods a wanna be Long Island location ??? :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:

Hahaha, noooo. And to be fair, I am originally from Suffolk! My dad grew up in Nassau.

Haha ahhh good old Nassau and west Chester counties…houses minimum 500k with 12k in property taxes. Atleast illegals can drive w licenses

You won’t pay anywhere near $12,000 on a $500,000 house here in White Plains. Part of what pushes up the average tax rate is places like Scarsdale, especially since there are much more expensive houses.

Can I also get the dealer info? Looking to get into a 330xi. Some dealers I’ve talked are quoting me 599 month with over 3k at signing. -.-

Message me and I’ll give u the details. My sales rep agreed to match on m340 or 330 but obviously incentives will differ based on loyalty etc.

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Match 330 to what? That dealer doesn’t budge as far as I’m concerned. They had/have a 430 sitting and would only do 8% not pre incentives

10 percent off msrp prior to rebates

As I said this is a no haggle deal. Can you get 10.5 or 11 somewhere else?? Maybe…I was asked if it can be replicated and he said yes to it for 340 or 330 so just passing it on

11% is good on a M340i…on a 330 though it’s just acceptable.

The 8% was a demo

8% on demo is laughable.

I was simply asked if it would be replicated on a m340 or 330. As I said if you want to do more legwork then use it as a minimum benchmark

I’m 10 min from them never got a car there. Just spoke with someone a few weeks ago too wouldn’t budge month end trumps my conversation with them I guess lol if they can do that I can do it if you want to share who you worked with. Dealer is “R” correct?

Yep Exactly