PenFed discount with BMW on a lease

How does the PenFed discount work on a lease? How does BMWF get the $500 credit if you are not purchasing and doing a lease?

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There is a wiki page on this.

You need to be a member, get a certificate from their car buying portal, and give it to the dealer. This is an older picture, but iirc the process is still accurate.


Here is a link to a similar question I had responded to in the Penfed thread: PenFed Benefits - Up to $2000 BMW Volvo MB FCA Mini (usually $500 towards leases).


Iam a member and I see the page but how do i generate Certificate?

I found it, you have to leave PenFed’s site and go through truecar

UPDATE: Sorry my mistake its 60 days
it looks like you have to be a member for 6 months though

Where are you seeing this info? After being a member for 60 days, I was able to generate my certificate.

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corrected, sorry

Is it $500 on leases… even for M850?

Yes. It is $500 on all BMW leases, irrespective of model.

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I was told by a dealer that this could not be combined with one of the other incentives, I can’t remember if it was the loyalty or lease incentive. Did someone have success stacking this?

You can combine it with Loyalty/Conquest and any other BMW lease incentives. Not sure what other incentives you have or are trying to apply, but check out the “BMW Wiki” on this forum for info about what incentives can be stackable.

Except the i3

All the info about the incentive is in the screenshot I posted earlier.

Yup fully aware. Also that you said irrespective of model yet i3 is ineligible

I used penfed incentive already for a BMW I just leased, can I use it on another BMW for my wife?

See the fine print: “One incentive per member, per offer code, per calendar year for new BMW vehicles.”

EDIT: Your wife could sign up for a Penfed, unless she is already a member.

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So it’s a 60 day waiting period, and then you go to their auto buying portal , which will then take you to true car where it generates the $500 certificate in your name?

Just wanted to make sure , I’m over a month in ( as a member) so I’m going to check by next month…

@TheBigTuna - Yes, it is a 60 day wait period. I posted about this in another thread: PenFed Benefits - Up to $2000 BMW Volvo MB FCA Mini (usually $500 towards leases).

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