PenFed discount with BMW on a lease

she is not a member, but that is a good idea

anyone know if this program is still active for 2021? I logged in and tried to find the $500 option for lease, didn’t see it but there’s a lot going on on that website so I could be missing it

Yes, it is there.

After logging into your account, on the bottom right hand side, look for the “Learn More About Penfed’s Car Buying Service” link. After clicking it, you will see a pop up titled “Important Message”. Click “Continue” to proceed. You should see a screen showing incentives for different car brands. Click the BMW link.

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Does PenFed stack with college grad?

Yes, it does.

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I am being told by a dealer that it does not, what do you advise I do in this case? Is there any way to prove to them that this is in fact the truth. I figured as such.

Find another dealer.


Does Penfed stack with OL code?

Yes it does

The BMW dealer I just visited claimed the PenFed rebate was only applicable to a purchase. They will not honor it for a lease through BMWFS.

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Find another dealer that will honor it.

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It’s usually $500 for a lease, and a different amount (upwards of $1k+) for purchases. You can try showing the fine print and all that, but if they still won’t accept it, you’ll need to decide if you want their deal or go elsewhere

$500 for lease.

I’m not seeing any BMW discounts on penfed’s site anymore. Did they remove the lease/purchase incentive?

Expired today for BMW. Looks like Audi still has it till end of month.

Darn. Does this happen some months and come back on others?

Usually not w Penfed. It might just be a lapse in the programs for now, so keep an eye on it for tomorrow or the following weeks.

Word is PenFed cancelled BMW program for 2022.


BMW raised their MF this month and penfed is gone, no lease incentives.

It’s getting close to impossible to justify leasing nowadays