Pacific Lease Selling to Carvana?

So I have never used Carvana and I want to make sure I a doing this right with my lease and the payoff amount.
We have 1 payment left on our Pacifica. Ally bank quoted me the buyout price as $21,872.
I just entered the car into Carvana and they offered me $30,974.

Can that be right? Can I seriously make $9000 of our leased minivan?
Are there any restrictions against selling a lease to Carvana if you aren’t using Ford or VW Credit?

You will need to extend your lease as I believe Chrysler will not let you sell if you are under 60 days from lease end.

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Oh really? Even if my payments go through Ally Bank and not Chrysler?

I just noticed you said Ally above, sorry. I am not sure what their policy is on timing, but, I do know the payoff they quoted you may be your personal payoff but they could charge a market based payoff to a third party dealer (which may be significantly higher). Search the forum for other discussions on Ally lease buyouts and you will get plenty of details.


Ally has different 3rd party buyout price. Therefore the positive equity you have will be a lot less. If ally will even let you sell anymore.

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All of the above are true. You might need to buyout the car, pay taxes and get the title before selling to a third party dealer. Your profit might shrink but in reality the first option might not have even been possible

I just called Ally and I could hardly understand the woman. She said (I think) that I can do what I want with the car. Carvana would just need to send me the check in my name and then I pay Ally the amount owed. She claimed my payoff price is the same as Carvana…which sounds fishy.

Why would Carvana be willing to do that?

Agreed there is no way Carvana would do that.

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why not? Is that how it normally works…they pay you…or do they usually pay the leasing company directly?

thanks for these!

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Why would a dealer pay you with no guarantee you will payoff the lien to the car? They will pay the finance co directly, which is where you will run into the market based repayment noted above.

No, Carvana would never pay you unless you outright own the car. Carvana would need to buy it from Ally, but Carvana doesn’t work with Ally bank anyway. You either have to buy the car out yourself, get title, and sell it to Carvana then; or see what Carmax will offer as they work with Ally directly.

Make sure you get the 3rd party buyout not your personal buyout. In my case, somehow, they are the same for my 2021 Rav4 however.

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wow. So I just called Ally and pretended to be a dealer. They gave me a dealer payoff of $37,275. That is more than the car was new in 2018! $15,400 more than my personal buyout price. I get their logic of not wanting me to profit on their property, but WTF?!


Just buy it. Car shortage is not going away soon. Get a loan from Lightstream if you need to, title will come to you, then sell it.


That was actually going to be my next question. So if I buy it for $21,872 plus tax (6.75 in my county) I’d pay approx $23,348. Right? And then could I turn right around and sell it to Carvanna or whoever, assuming the offer is still good. Carmax gave me $25,000 online offer.
Has anyone done that recently?

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You can yes then it is your car, so long as the dealer pays more than your note you will be able to sell it (once you have the title). This is why Ally sucks.

Yeah, learning so much about Ally, who I thought was a good bank. Anyone know ballpark how long it usually takes to get the title and be able to turn around and sell it?

Regarding Carvana: they do not buy out leases through Ford Motor Credit, Ally, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp, or US Bank, nor those within 60 days of the maturity date.
I do not have any experience with the entire process of selling a car to Carvana, however I have uploaded the required documents and have been waiting for more than the 1-2 days that it says it will take to review and be able to schedule the appointment. From what I have read online- their service sucks.

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