Ally Lease Buyout

Trying to get rid of my Jeep lease that’s financed through Ally.

My online dashboard shows my buyout is 17,950.

Carvana offered me 19,000 then two days later says they can’t buy it bc it’s through Ally.

ALGo offered 18,750.

Went to a local dealer and they said the dealer buyout is 20,500 which is higher than what I see in my dashboard. Dealer said that’s typical?

I’m on the hook to lose money when I thought I was going to make some money. Anyone have any advice or go through something similar?


You can do a three-way call with Ally and ALGO to confirm what the local dealer said, in which case you’re SOL.

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Have other folks had this experience w Carvana or Vroom w Ally leases?

That is news to me for Ally

US Bank doesn’t allow 3rd party buyouts but I haven’t heard this about Ally

I ran into a similar problem with my previous lease through VW. I received an offer from Vroom that was higher than my buyout. Problem was that VW would not sell the car to Vroom for that price. They would only sell it for Dealer Fair Market Value. Then I also ran into an issue where Vroom refused to contact VW for their buyout price and VW refused to give me the dealer price. I gave up and returned it only to pay disposition and two tires.


I just sold my Ally Jeep lease to Carvana. Ally wouldn’t give me the dealer payoff, Carvana checked through a 3rd party to verify the numbers. They were the same for me. ymmv.


Interesting! Carvana was very firm that they don’t buy from Ally now. Did ally charge Carvana the same buyout you see in your account dashboard or did they charge Carvana a “dealer buyout” price??

My Ally dashboard doesn’t even show the buyout…

It shows remaining payments

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Top right under manage account there’s “request a quote” in mine

Ah yes same

It’s just never worked for me ha

Always tells me to call

You mind if we chat offline about how you did this? Would love the help :slight_smile:

it was really straight forward. I got my buyout from Ally as you have done. I also called to discuss the buyout numbers. The lady I spoke to said they use RouteOne or Finance source to verify the payoff. They sent a check and it is paid off.
I was a little concerned about the process but it did work out for me. I don’t know if I was just lucky it worked or if there is no 2 people within Carvana that knows what is going on.

Just spoke with Carvana again and they refuse to buy from Ally.

So bizarre

Same here.

Ally also has a “quote” function that shows what I assume is the number I need to pay to return the car now. It’s not equal to my remaining payments, it’s more than my finance/rent charge and it’s more than my remaining depreciation cost.

I bet Ally like Infiniti Financial tack on numerous fees to Carvana. That’s what their doc dept told me why they stopped with NMAC…I left an additional $2800 on the table after selling mine to Vroom.

Just went through similar situation with Ally lease on my 18 Challenger. Payoff is $32746 to me and Vroom offered $33250. I took this info to an Alfa dealer and their payoff was $37475!! So I did my homework with “my payoff” and we are exactly $150 away on monthly payment. So $30 per $1k and there you have it! Sucks they can do this, doesnt seem right.

I called ally tonight asking what the buyout was if I sell to vroom. The hard to understand lady said, what’s vroom? I said I want to sell it to them or Carvana for the payout my dash shows and she was confused. So I never got an answer.

Anyone else have luck arguing this one with Ally?

Just ran into the same situation with my alfa lease.

I have an offer from vroom that is just about equal to my payoff at Ally. When vroom came back with paperwork they said the payoff they received from Ally is $4k higher than what I was quoted = me with 4K negative equity.

This doesn’t seem right at all. I’m about to call the ally dealer services team to see if any way to align the two payoff quotes but I’m doubtful.

Their phone reps dont speak english real well! Plus the last one I talked to asked, who is Vroom and Carvana? Ha

bumping this up. I’m trying to sell my ally lease alfa to vroom. there is a $700 difference but according to the chat rep she says

Thank you for waiting, regarding your inquiry, we can be able to sell the vehicle to a third party, as long as your name in listed on the check.

Sounds like you didn’t ask for 3rd Party Dealership, that sounds more like 3rd Party Consumer