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Did you consider MSD’s? That would have saved another $40+ a month!

The finance manager wouldn’t allow MSDs. Said dealership needs to make some money. :joy:


Lol did considered MSDs only after the deal was done, structured the deal so late that I totally forgot about it. The deals had to be reported to Infiniti by 10 PM or we wouldn’t get the extra $2500 for the deals

Typed so many employee deals that day that I didn’t get to my deal till 9:50 pm couple of minutes before the deadline :weary:


Well now we know the finance manager at Infiniti of Van Nuys. :+1:t2:


And now the poor guy is going to get quoted and PMed a couple dozen times by people wanting the exact same deal, and if he can’t do it then he’s just a slimey car sales guy.


That’s crazy. Same truck, my brother had them add wheels/lift/tires/black out everything and 0 down he’s at 770 a month. He got absolutely hosed but didn’t want to listen to me.

So did you give yourself the hard sell on the wear and tear and tire and wheel packages while in the finance office? :wink:

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I’m so jealous. I can’t wait to get mine. I already asked 2 of my gf’s boyfriends if they want me to carpool them to my apartment next time so they can check out the new whip! They’ll probably want to drive it though and have me ride in the back seat. Still fun!

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:thinking:…let’s hear more about the gf and her bfs :grin:

Tinder stuff…

Is this accurate? $110k sticker for $600 a month?

I didn’t realize this was Tinder man. This needs a new off-ramp topic by itself.

I think he mentioned his gf was still on Tinder, but maybe someone else :slight_smile:

yup…that’s the one.

Steve, you have been a member since Feb 26. Congratulations on one month of membership. Why don’t you ask @A_Jones if I was of assistance in helping him with his 530i. Or if I responded to the 70 PMs I received after posting my Volvo deal. Before you start calling me negative, you may want to do your research. You have contributed nothing. Zero. I should repeat that the goal of this forum is to help enthusiasts find good deals, not to slap dealers on the back that post mediocre garbage. Dealers who post on an enthusiast forum should be held to a high standard. They know what they are getting into. They aren’t babies and don’t need your protection. Go be macho elsewhere. You are a keyboard tough guy.


I haven’t been on here for over a month I think now, but I got the email from this post. For anyone wondering about Jason’s involvement in my 530i, I’ll state here that Jason has been by far the most helpful person here on this site to me, and one of the most knowledgeable. He did the work and pointed me in the right direction of a 530i that had an ridiculously good deal on it, and I have been in love with the car since the day I got it. You can doubt Jason, but I know if I need help again, he will be my first point of assistance that I will go to on this forum.

I appreciate the kind words and I am glad you are enjoying the car.

You are moving to California?

Cool, brah. Isn’t the 2019 a totally redesigned vehicle, brah? Doesn’t that make a 2018 an outgoing model, brah?

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Glad he helped you. I can’t say the same thing. I asked him if he could share the name of the dealership for one of his deals and he asked whether I had A plan, when I said yes, he never responded.