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and being a knowitall, i guess that lets me (correctly) point out when someone is blatantly wrong.

Yes, gives you the freedom to post any false/ misleading information. BTW, I hope you pay taxes on the gains that you make from your “weekend hobby”. However poor the deals might be from those that newcomers have posted :stuck_out_tongue:. 16.74% off compared to the “weekend hobbyist that charges for deals” at 13.1%. Bravo! :clap:t2:

Please stop posting on my thread, Marked Up Money Factor Sai1. You’re wrong.

As a forum member, just like you, I can post on a thread that I have access to “Mehdeal Mike”. Or is it “InflatedEgoMike”?

the 180 or so clients who have gotten infinitis from me on this forum over the past 2 years don’t seem to think that their deals were “meh”.

As I said, I hope the 180 deals that you claim to have made, you paid taxes on your gains. Else that’s again unethical and illegal I’m afraid. Post your return as proof

POTUS doesn’t post his and i’m supposed to share mine with an internet troll from a state where they still have statues of confederate generals?? Take a walk and keep hoping you get your MSDs back, which were likely just cap cost reduction.

Lol, that it’s isn’t it? You just didn’t pay your taxes on the gains? How did the 180 (probably fake number) pay you? I mean how do your clients pay you? As a upright citizen, you should pay your taxes. Else it’s another way of cheating/ stealing. You are the one trolling. You are now upset that I caught you probably evading taxes also.

I’m 1099-ed by the dealers i work with, and my clients don’t pay me. The dealer does.

Hmm…that explains the inflated selling price. So obviously, you have the dealership and your best interests in mind, not your clients. Thanks! But do remember my advice on paying taxes. Don’t try to evade them.

Great “weekend hobby” being 1099-ed by car dealerships.

Yes, we’re lucky to live in a country that promotes free enterprise.

Yes, that and free speech but also, unfortunately, shady business practices.

You have yet to prove or show a q50 deal, from not April 2018, where MSDs were allowed…so (like several other pple noted in that thread), still blatantly wrong.

Who told you that it was from April 2018? Or it was a Q50? Another figment of your imagination? Keep spreading false information. It obviously suits you and your dealers well.

Hello! can you shoot me the spreadsheet. thx

Interested in both Lexus / BMW small-mid size SUVs, please pm me the link.


Nice deal OP, please PM me the dealer /contact info.


What about Type R deals?!?

But seriously buddy - there is only room for one non-helpful Honda guy from SoCal. Get off my turf or we will have a bro-down.


I will beat each of these deals by $1.