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You wanna bro-down on a lease? I’ll bro down!

2019 Civic Si Coupe
$999 out of pocket
Monthly Payment: 282 including tax
mileage allowance: 15k
when customer arrives I add the cost of LoJack, HiJack, MidJack, and Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder.



Per the Marketplace Guidelines:

Dealers and Brokers should refrain from bashing each other’s deals. (The general public is always free to comment on Marketplace deals.).


You can clearly see this gentle sir did initiate a bro-down.


My dealership uses it and really likes it. This is one serious lease bro-down.


GROUP HUG TIME! Hondas for life.


Clearly John’s deal is good number, but @veloist 's Outback deal looks better imo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Link please and thank you!

I don’t think Lambos are for people who require aggressive discounts but what do I know!

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What if a bounty is attached to it? Like 2x normal fee… is that motivating? jc

Not for me. Not sure about others.

Because ultimately…who isn’t looking for the best deal possible?


I disagree. People who buy exotics typically negotiate. This is why they have money- as many like to point out.

Sweet. I’m in SoCal too. Give me a ride when you get yours!

That’s amazing but out of my range

Do you have a lambo

I don’t even have a driveway. Spare a penny for a poor ol gal in a BMW 3 series?

The word unicorn just needs to be banned from this thread. If someone had some insanely great deal just sitting around, they’d be out advertising trying to get rid of the thing, not waiting for someone to request it on this thread.

Most people who actually get these deals put a bunch of work into getting them, not just handed to them.


I’ve leased 5 cars in the last 10 years. Every deal I’ve gotten would likely be considered a unicorn to this forum’s standards and for the era the car was leased. For instance, I leased a loaded SL500 in 2006 for $680 all in.

I’ve been hacking leases for over a decade but I do respect the brokers who have established close relationships with dealers and who can many times save potential buyers a lot of time and money. I also believe asking questions doesn’t hurt, especially when it can save you thousands of dollars (despite your assumption that people who can afford exotic cars don’t care about the price).

Since I posted my original thread I’ve spoken to 8 lambo dealers and have put together a better deal than what anyone I’ve seen has been offered all year- still not a unicorn to my standards.

You said you this deal needs to be an aggressive unicorn discount on the car. Those are the words in your post. This is not the same as wealthy people not caring about price.

But best of luck and please share your deal when you get it so we can all learn a thing or two. I would only hope a wealthy person in your position would be generous with the broker and dealers who help you.

To me that means the same thing.

I may opt for the i8 roadster since the base huracan is literally almost 3 times more per month…this would allow me to save up and buy a used one (which is a much better value due to their depreciation and the lease’s mileage allowance) and still have the extra cash around to invest. I’m in my 30’s and still grinding- not Mr. Burns yet.

If you’re getting a bmw let me know how I can help you in pm…working together doesn’t hurt.

Can you please let me know the dealer /broker Contact ?


can you please send the June Spreadsheet. :pray:

link for the june spreadsheet please, thanks!