Off Topic Landfill

That’s literally what I just said :rofl:

Sorry agreed my mind was on the post being taken down.

Thought this was the trophy garage? Pics? I get excited to see new cars and it’s this.


Could I have the link please?

Link please

Is the vehicle still available?

Gpdriver ,Let me know if this helps…I’m a dealer in So. Cal
2019 C63S Sedan 36 month lease 10k miles yr. $81K msrp, $74k cap cost, $3k total d/o $1085 plus tax.

So it’s a lie to state, in a ny/nj thread, that every Infiniti is awd??

It’s a lie to make a general, sweeping statement that All Infiniti vehicles are AWD when they are not

Ok but to reply to the Russian guy from the northeast, who asked about my Infinitis in my regional thread?

Still waiting to see your marked up mf btw. Unless you got your q50 last April

The only thing marked up is the selling price you are peddling when others are able to get way better discount via their own negotiation.

Nobody is forcing you to get a car through me. And i generally don’t ever comment on threads like that one unless the information in it is completely wrong. What you stated is completely wrong and misleading

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And you claim to know everything there is to know about every single deal that others have signed right? As I had noted before, you are either a troll or simply upset that others can get better numbers without you being their broker. Either way, I am not interested in your deals that have an inflated selling price to undoubtedly serve you and the dealership well. So good luck with the business but stop claiming to be know all.

Are you going to post your inflated money factor contract or what??

Are you going to admit your deals are poor or not?

I let the market decide how my deals are. So far, and for the past 2 years, the market seems to like them. Post your contract!

Why? Why should I do anything you ask for? I just compared your selling price versus the selling price the other guy got and commenting on that. Then I noticed how you love to make sweeping statements. I have also been here on the forum for more than 2 years, and have negotiated good/ great deals for my friends and family in a way tougher market than your region. Frankly, since you do this professionally, you need to either post better deals than your competition or develop a better attitude towards others in the community.

Yes, please feel free to move my comments to the landfill page. While Mike may have established his credibility with some, I just noticed the things that stuck out and commented on that. I agree it does not add to his business thread. He wants to see my deal sheet since he claims I am lying but due to his poor attitude, I am not going to show him anything.

Folks I’m all for constructive criticism from the market and no one is obligated to use a broker - if you can do better for yourself, by all means you should.

@aronchi has been around for a while and, IMO, has established his reputation.

If we can’t keep this constructive I’m going to temporarily give this thread a timeout.

As long as you are peddling your business here on this forum, any member can comment on your or any post for that matter. It is the freedom that this platform gives all forum members, including you. As a suggestion “Aronchi - the knowitall” seems a better handle for you.