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Yes there is still interest to be paid on the diff between resid and price paid, isn’t the MF the determinant?

@Jon @michael. Please add that on demo cars over 5k miles you also cannot do MSD. Not sure if you can still do onepay however.

edit: Speaking to so many dealers about loaners hovering around 5k miles, I guess I misunderstood the 5k threshold. Thanks, @Jon

Loaners/demos are leasable up to 10k miles. With the RV and mileage adjustment, usually not worth it though.

Updated. Thanks.

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That is because the USAA discount of $1,000 is for outside financing.

Leasing through BMWFS will be $250

Updated Wiki with BMW’s Unused Mileage credit.

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Since our beloved @BMW_Dave can no longer post his sheet here, I wonder what’s the best way to find the lease credit and loyalty for the current month. Any suggestions? Thanks!

BMW website is awesome for this.

Alternatively you can PM @BMW_Dave for his sale and lease specials and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. :wink:

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I can find the RV and leasing credit on BMW website, but no loyalty info. I’m not sure if they also include things like Holiday Credit on their website. Any way to find out loyalty without bothering Dave? My lease is not up for a few months. Don’t want to bother Dave when I’m most likely not leasing a car soon.

Did you try clicking on a lease offer details for the car you want? You’ll see loyalty/conquest there

Anyone have an idea if any 2018 models still have leasing incentives… I know the 3 series were available last month… are they still?

In some dealers sure, but these are known culprits for not wanting to back down on price as well as jacking up the MF for the good ol’ double fist.

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Tried the 2019 i3. No loyalty info there.

google “i3 loyalty.” First link

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Thanks. I wonder if this is something we can crowdsource and put together in this thread.

E.g., 2019 i3 till Jul. 7, 2019
RV: 58% (36m/10kmi)
iLease Credit: $7500
Loyalty: $1500

I don’t think the 2018 i3 can be leased anymore, or the 2018 3 Series in most regions for that matter.

Thanks, I meant 2019 i3. Corrected that.

TBH, this thread is getting out of control again. The idea behind this thread is to be a wiki for general BMW information.

You don’t have comments on a wiki.

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Link please