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You can’t lease raptors, you can lease a limited or any other trim. I apologies for the inconvenience.

lol, the limited now has the same engine as the raptor so you get a luxurious raptor with massaging seats.

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You can lease Raptors, there just are not any manufacture programs.

aka they have realistic residuals and high money factors. Which means high monthly payments.

You actually can’t, you can lease any 150 except the raptor, ford also does not lease Mustang GT or higher trims. The current raptors though are not able to be leased, as when I pull up the incentives/vin it will tell me residual and tier interest. Raptors do not show any residual charts, this only happens when ford does not allow us to lease a particular vehicle.

How about buying a very slightly used model and letting someone else take the huge initial depreciation hit? Probably the better move.

then you own a mclaren without a warranty, so you are basically paying $250k to be in a rental car since mclaren will be in the shop accruing another $250k in repairs.

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Ask Tyler Hoover about used McLaren ownership… and that was WITH a full bumper to bumper extended warranty.

I have a performante that i drive and track and have a few friends with 720s they purchased brand new, i dont need to ask anyone i see the BS first hand, we always say its no doubt the 720s is faster than the performante on track and off a roll for the 15 minutes a year it is not broken down.

i was invited by my local mclaren dealership to a mclaren track day, they had two 720s and 4 570S for us to track. Both 720s had critical failures before lunch, and 2 of the 570s didnt make it the remaining 5 hours.

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They know it too… Hoovie was forbidden from tracking his McLaren, or the warranty he had on the car would be voided. He could only go to McLaren sanctioned events, which they weren’t in a hurry to invite him to.

Opposite for me, lamborghini gave me a track day pass for the car, and it caused the rear brakes to start making noise. Its a common issue and it was just the piston hitting the caliper, its been an issue on huracans since 2015, and they denied my warranty claim due to track use, the same track use they sponsored for me hahaha so i just fixed it myself, and when my friend who is a finance manager found out he got me in for a mclaren track day to show how mclaren is ok with tracking and warranty, anyway after that even there was 0% chance i would ever own or lease one, id rather unstick my caliper every time after a track day then deal with a blown motor or ECU

I think that dp alone will scare away most, tough one cause even with the dp it’s a great deal. the azores is beautiful, My dad’s was Memphis red(sold it last month), sadly in the northeast you get 6 months of use and 6 months of storage. Great track car when there are no issues with the car.

I always find the italians to have gobs of issues on and off the track, but thats what you have to deal with cause “racecar,” the porsche as bland as it is has always been damn near bulletproof on the track. Funny cause now vw owns both. No better feeling though than hitting the twisties in one of these cars.

@TheHound how’d the shopping go?

Why not just save yourself the frustration and go with a broker on here?

From a thread… Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring Reserve AWD, $345 (+Tax), $1499 DAS 33/10k

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@nyclife may have Mazda deals, for a fee

There are some great brokers on here in your area that deal with Mazda. Reach out to one.

It’s something I will absolutely consider if this insanity continues!

That barely makes sense. Obviously Mazda isn’t woke, brah.


Have you tried Schwartz Mazda in Shrewsbury?! Because the sales manager legit crumbled up a piece a paper on me and said “we’re done here” when I told him I had zero intent on paying sticker price for a car and walked away.

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