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Just curious if anyone has come across a dealership in the Northeast that is offering Mach E’s at or close to MSRP?

Every single dealer I’ve called has been at least $5k over MSRP, and one was at $7k. Obviously that’s a starting point to work down from, but these cars seem like they’re moving fast.

Plus they hardly have any premiums or GT’s. A ton of Selects are available but that’s not a preference.

I was trying to see if there were any vendors to work with for when I move but I see it’s pretty limited. I have been cramming information as I never have leased and was hoping to use services to make sure I dont eff up or miss anything.

I am looking to lease a Kia K5, open to suggestions for alternative vehicles that would be good for a family of 4. Trying to keep the monthly 350 or below. Plan is eventually get the Kia Carnival once we get more settled. The K5 would then become my commuter.

Trying to convince when in Texas to get a pickup lol, but she was like naaaaaw.

Try a Honda Accord. Don’t know if they lease under 350 ( probably do unless they are being marked up). It has more space as well

I am considering getting rid of my Lexus for a Dodge Ram 1500. I get supplier pricing with my employer which is I think 1% under invoice but no dealers are willing to honor this. Any advice?


Had a bad experience with a Honda. Kia’s got a better warranty and are being listed as more reliable than the big 3 Japanese brands.

I guess the real thing is I am looking for a broker since I still have no clue on leasing. The only one posting here for Texas and DFW deals only with Toyotas.

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Any suggestions on where I should start to learn the many aspects of leasing? I kind of know the difference between an down payment an MSD and I know MSDs are limited to certain manufacturers.

EDITORIAL | LEASEHACKR is a great place to start

Whats the best lease deal on a minivan these days? Any make or model?
Seems like they are ranging in $600 per month for 12k/36 in NYC metro.

Interested in ordering X5 x45e ; zip: 28277. Please let me know if you have an allocation to order. thanks.

Where are you moving from? In Texas, you have to pay sales tax on the full value of the car. Depending on what state you are in now, it can sense to lease before you move and bring the car with you.

Hello plz help out a newbie here.

  • Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type:
    Any 4-door sedan, hatchback or suv (non-american brands). Monthly under $300. DAS up to $2000. Need a car asap.

  • Term/Mileage: 36/15

  • Region/State: VA

  • Preferred method of contact: Forum DM

*Credit Score: 750+

Hi; I’m looking for a broker or a dealer who can help me out with a 2022 Toyota Supra GR 3.0 Premium in Tungsten with Red interior. I’m located in South Florida, but don’t mind driving within the State, travel out of State or maybe even have it shipped if the deal makes sense. I currently have a 2021 BMW X3M Competition that I could either trade or sell so I’m not in a hurry; just want the right vehicle. Looking for a 24 or 36 month lease with 10-12k/yr or maybe even purchase. Thanks ahead, Raul.

Looking to lease 2020 7 series or x5 in the 600-800 range

Currently in the market for a new Honda but almost all the socal Honda dealer I dealt with charge min $3200 for dealer accessories, is there any socal Honda dealer that don’t charge dealer accessories? Or minimum dealer accessories?
I know it’s not a good time a get a vehicle right now.



That’s going to have to come up or you’re not going to be close.

Try @mani_is_kool (FL broker)

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Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for a lease takeover, up to 16 months, BMW X series. Located in NJ. Monthly payment up to $500

Do you guys know if I should contact BMW Financial Services? I’m checking and regularly. Is there any other platform should I check ?

Thanks for the advises.

Good morning,

I am looking for a 4XE (okay with doing a custom order) with either a Missouri dealership or a dealership that allows shipping/flying in to pick the car up. 36mo/15k mile lease.