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Would you mind sharing the dealer via PM? I am in Florida and I have been debating some sedans and trucks. This has been catching my eye.


I am looking for SUV ideally 7 seaters.


I can’t find a ps5 to save my life. I’ve used every trick in the book. The wife even gave the green light on this.

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Check Matt Swider on Twitter, his posts helped me get one

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I followed Jake Randall on Youtube & Twitter and he had been a great help at getting not only a PS5 but an Xbox Series X as well.

@Vinay I’m in the same position. Less matures in November and these lease payments that I have on my current 330i don’t even remotely exist anymore :man_facepalming:. Finding a replacement is hard ugh!!

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Yeah, pretty sad situation. I am in Minnesota and cars are being marked up a lot. My dealer provided a quote for 36m/10k miles on 2022 330xi MSRP $47,410. $762 a month with $0 down or $536 per month with $7500 down :scream:. Cars are still selling at those prices so they aren’t going to discount due to low inventory. I am thinking of flying out of state, if I can find a good deal through the nice LH community or broker.

Here’s a left field question…I have an i3 lease that is up this month. If I were to take over someone else’s lease what is the policy with excess miles over the original term? Does BMW have any kind of program like some other manufacturers where they forgive overages if you lease another car of the same brand? I know with new cars that it’s possible but unsure about a lease takeover when its still BMWFS.

That actually isn’t true. Excess miles are never waived by BMW FS. You might not have needed to pay for them for one reason or another (i.e. the dealer rolled them into the new lease or maybe they took your car on trade so that there was no “lease turn in”) but they are never truly waived.

Having said that, I certainly don’t see them waiving excess mileage fees when you’re not even taking out a new lease. Taking over an existing lease doesn’t put a new BMW on the road so there is no benefit to the manufacturer or FS.

Probably not the answer you wanted to hear but I hope it helps nonetheless.

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vrooms up 1.1% today

vroom hit 24.51

just hit 24.08

carvana booming again 342.15

vroom hit 23

“Peak Insanity”

Can you please contact me about a CX-9. I’m in Tampa Fl. Ready to pull the trigger. @AutoLeaseNinjas

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Crazy that they can get that expensive. I will agree, beautiful car and from what I have heard, pretty quick as well. Would love to take this, just seems like I could get something better for some price. Maybe I’m delusional, as these days, with inflation, anything goes! Either way, OP, GLWT.

same* price

Like what?