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Says the man coming off as incredibly aggressive and rude to people replying to his posts. DUDE this is an Internet forum. You don’t get to dictate how people answer your posts. If you actually want advice like you claim I would suggest you relax. Most people ignored this post due to the tone of your responses. Why bother?

You guys should rename this thread to “4xe owners circle jerk” lol


Mind connecting to dealer or sales contact. Would love to get same deal. PM me

PM’d for sheet. Thanks Donny!

Any CX-9’s or 2020 MDX available?

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I’ve been looking at the S60 RDS or Ins, but I am in FL. How does the shipping work with you?

Yeah, my tundra is up in November. Ally will extend up to 3 months.

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Mines up in Nov too. Are payments made for extended months just “rent” (no adjustment to pay off amount)?

Planning to sell the Tundra once my 4xe is delivered.

Ally just gave me a second 3 month extension. And no, buyout price does not decrease with the extra payments.

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They told me they other day they will only do a 3 month extension. That’s good that they gave you a second. Did they increase your payment at all?

This topic has its own thread. Please post there.

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Didn’t see it. Plus, we are all returning customers from Jim so we are looking for best course of action since there is a big group of us from 2 years ago.

link please

what dealership from Socal please?


Let me start by saying I’m sorry that you are being treated the way that you are by your existing dealership. Business is built on building relationships and this practice is definitely not condoning of that.

As a twenty plus year veteran in the automotive industry and having been with Ford for over ten years I would like to extend my service to you and do the best I can to help you achieve a great buying experience. Below I will include a link to my contact card and would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you more about your automotive needs and how to best serve those needs.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Best regards,

Charles Higgins

Drive With Charles

Where is this deal? Im in NY looking for 3 series?

When do you think you will have the Infiniti QX60 2022?

Hi - I am looking to purchase Acura MDX. Let me know the available discounts…