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No problem, el pequeño Pepe agrio.

wow that’s fantastic I really appreciate that new information.

el pequeño Pepe agrio-

if that is the best you can come up with, you should just take your CRX back home and call it a night as that is a pretty weak effort.

hey that’s a really interesting insight thanks so much for sharing that with me.

Yeah they have slashed the lease prices down to $329/month but the discounted vehicles are note eligible for lease any more but still its big drop compared to what i am paying $405 for 12000 miles/year started last month. As funny as it seams i have not received my plates yet and the prices are down the hill.

Model 3 with standard range 10000 miles/ year 3 years - $332 and just $1868 down payment including order fee and $250 referall

Nah those are pretty bad numbers if those are coming with standard down payment given the recent price slashes.
Plus do use the referral to get 250 discount. If these numbers are coming after applying the credit then i am guessing these are coming because low credit score.

Feel free to use my referral and follow this link to get the minimum montly possible

M3 lease standard 10,000 miles $332 per month with $1868 down payment

Feel free to change the zip based on location

You don’t have to mention 0 or $1 in the down payment since whatever you are going to add the nj incentive $4000 is going to be subtracted right at the purchase time.

Here is small example which on of our fellow mentioned above if you put $3218 as down payment after all calculations it should allow you to take delivery for $373 at signing and $373 monthly if you take the benefit of $250 referral credit which i am happy to share

M3 lease standard 10,000 miles $373 per month with $373 down payment (put $3218 as down payment while filling the application because $4000 will be deducted for Nj incentive )

Waiting for the Frontier deals to come back…

I can only sell to those who are able to beat Volvo#1 @Benedetto


Amazon Goat GIF by NFL On Prime Video

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you’re in no danger of buying anything.

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One for every day of the week bby

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Thanks Mike. My current Murano lease ends in Jan, does it make sense to hope on ur deals now, or will I eat the 2 remaining payments?

Herb, I won’t sell you a car, apologies. You toasted my dealer on a survey and they don’t want the business again.


Ouch…When the truth stings. :cold_face:

Lol Nissan-USA says the surveys are anonymous! Looks like Herb didn’t check the important box…




Also, he had no reason to torch dealer, either.

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Lol what did he purport the dealer did? I mean at this point you’re covering all the legwork and he probably never even interacted with F&I. Maybe the coffee in the waiting room was cold