Off Topic Landfill 2

Can I please get the link? Thanks!

Please send link. Thanks

Can you please send me the updated link?

I’m in NorCal but could do a raod trip for a nice deal :slight_smile: Mind sending me the link to?

In particular, am looking at either the 2019 M2 or the 2020 once it’s in (manual or auto is fine).

Interested in the spreadsheet, thanks.

Sheet request pls!

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Can I have the spreadsheet? Thanx!

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Hi Donny, can I get a spreadsheet please?

Hi Donny, Can I get the link too? Thanks

Hi guys. I’m a Liberty Mutual Agent. Can help as well.

I can and do compete with Geico in NJ and PA all the time, doing a killing.

Just Emailed you

Please send me the link for March deals

I am in Norcal can you IM me the dealer and the sale person, I might want to look into this… TY

It was not the buy rate.

I was the salesperson. :speak_no_evil:


Sick Deal! Glad you were able to secure it! :money_mouth_face: Sucks you could not make it down to SFL!

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Mine is on order. May cannot get here any sooner!

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Donny can I get your current lease spreadsheet? I’m interested in the RS 5 and RS 3

Awesome ride! Exact color I’m looking to get into. Enjoy!

Drivers assist and exec?

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What’s the interior color?