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could i get a link please? thank you in advance

Please keep on topic. I was responding to your Volvo design comment :+1:t2:

Can you send me link. Thanks

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know I checked the Safelease on this vehicle and we can do it for $605 total upfront pay. Dealerships are charging at least double that for the lease-end coverage.

If you want peace of mind on the wear and tear of the vehicle (people are typically being charged about $2000 when they return these Velars) I’ll leave my email and direct line below:

You need to register or use DSR account, if it is registered as Broker.

Can you PM the deal?

Where’s the link?

Pls send me the spreadsheet

I am interested in this deal, please contact me

Limited and SE Palisades are very hard to come by, but all SEL trims are much easier to deal with.
Let me know if you need help with some numbers.

Hi, I’m new to this. I’m looking for a great lease on a suv awd preferably $250 or under 12,000 miles and $0 down. Located in WI. Any advise?
Also I have a daughter looking for a car to lease in Texas under $200/10,000 miles and $0 down.
HELP please!?

Don’t post in multiple topics. I moved your post to Wanted Ads thread.

Thanks for the kind words! Leasehackr does have lots of kind people, and all of my reviews confirm that. These reviews were from great clients and not tire-kicking time wasters who reply to a 12% off in stock bmw post and ask for “no less than 13%” on a custom order. Please take your business to easy leasing or infinite auto. They’re doing 14%!

Mazel tov! Drive in good health! Sounds like there was no need for you to waste my time then? And even less of a need to write a rambling, nonsensical review with any cursing? That said, my reviews aren’t “fake”. The majority of them involved me spending my weekends personally delivering cars to my clients. I take my business here very seriously, but i also expect potential clients to be serious and realistic. If you lead with a lowball, don’t expect anything.

Hope you enjoy your day and good luck to you.

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I can help you out with that


This was a great deal! Thx for sharing it. Can you please DM me the dealer info. Thanks!