Nx300 Lease transfer



I live in CA and am hoping to find someone to transfer my 2018 nx300 lease to. I called Lexus and they said once I find someone, it could take up to 60 days to process and that everything must be done via snail mail. I then asked for multiple copies of the paperwork since it’s not crazy to think that a potential buyer could back out. They claimed to only be able to send one lease transfer packet at a time. I told them that was ridiculous. It basically means every time I meet a flaky buyer, I have to start from scratch. Complicating it further, I only have 3.5 months to lease it before I’m within the six month lease-end window where they disallow transfers. If it takes 60 days to process, I could end up in a major pickle.

Can anyone recommend solutions?

Just make copies yourself. And get a sense of how serious someone is before you mail them the paperwork

I asked Lexus if I could make copies and they said “no, we only accept originals.”

Keep the original until finalized. Give the fake copies to potential transfers.

Meantime Try to sell it. Get a free quote from Carvana Vroom shift Autonation etc. And see what they offer vs actual dealer pay off #.

See the form for yourself. If it’s like Toyota then it’s just a generic credit app form: There’s no difference between a copy and an original when it’s blank.

All they care about is getting an original signature from the applicant… ie not having the form copied after it’s been filled out.

Carvana is offering about $1500 below the payoff. The others aren’t event close. It might be worth it to eat the $1500 since getting my MSDs back from a lease transfer individual won’t be easy.

For anyone who’s used Carvana, how does the buyout process work, particularly when I still owe the financing company money after Carvana pays. Does Carvana deal with LFS directly, or do I have to pay for the car, get the title, and then call Carvana?

It is pretty easy process. Ones You approve the quote it will take around 2 weeks. For negative equity You will send a check to Carvana. I am not sure how it works when You have a MSDs.

But who deals with the paperwork of paying off Lexus and getting the title? Do I need to get the title first?

Carvana will do. It was explain on this forum already. You can always call Carvana and ask how it goes.