NurseAl (Ally) - BMW, Hyundai, Genesis - NJ/NY/PA - Broker and Nurse :)

Hi everyone! My name is Ally. I have been a bedside nurse who recently decided to make the plunge to grad school, which I now attend full-time.

I recently helped a friend with one of their car leases, who suggested that I join this site! My main priority is to make your car-leasing experience honest and pleasant. I am very big on ethics, both as part of my personal and professional life.

I work with a few dealers in the NJ / Eastern PA area. Currently doing BMW and Hyundai/Genesis.

As of now, I don’t make any broker fees from my dealers. Any earnings from my clients would go toward my grad school tuition :slight_smile:

Required information - Please use this template and please be honest!:

  • Desired Car Model:

  • Mandatory options:

  • Desired color(s):

  • Lease Term (Length and Miles):

  • Approx Credit Score:

  • Your Zip Code where you will register the car:

  • Are you on a Visa of any type?

  • Graduate or Military Discount?

  • Eligible for Loyalty or Conquest?

  • Lease return or trade-in?

  • Please provide a reasonable price range you are looking for, or (briefly) your experience thus far. This will really help guide me as to whether I can find something to suit your needs!

If I offer a quote, it will be the best I can do.


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Hello Everyone,

Although Ally and I have not concluded a transaction together, I still want to thank her for her patience and her advice. It must be said that I have a special case because I’ve been in the USA for only 2 months since I moved to work. From start to finish, Ally was really very professional and very Cartesian about my whole project of leasing a car. Coming over from Canada with no credit history can be very a painful experience, but she was so helpful on helping me find the best solution. Even if her “career” in the brokerage world is very young, I have no difficulty believing that she will succeed.

Thanks again Ally!

Really appreciate your nice review !! Let me know how it goes with your transaction and if you need anything.

Here’s my vouch for Ally.

This was my first time using a car broker service, so I was hesitant at first, but when I contacted her, she made the whole process easy for me. She helped me get my Genesis G70 3.3T Prestige at the cheapest price. She went above and beyond to find what I exactly wanted. I changed my mind several times, and she was so patient with me throughout the whole process. She helped me get multiple offers that were reasonable, but she did not stop until she got me the cheapest price. Then, she gave me a way to get even cheaper price than the cheapest price I got through various methods. She smoothed out the whole process with the sales manager rather than a sales person, so when I was at the dealership to pick up the car, it was such an easy process. I absolutely did not need any negotiating skill as she took care of everything for me. Below are the pictures of my car as I was picking it up from the dealership. I hid the dealership name on the pictures on purpose.

Thank you for your awesome service Ally!


Ally is extremely helpful. Even though I didnt buy from her, or her dealer. This was a phenomenal experience. She’s quick, honest, and front forth with all her deals. She even provides details that the dealers wouldnt. If you are considering anything from anyone, give her a try. If only I had a higher budget for a 3.3T :stuck_out_tongue:

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I had the pleasure of working with Ally While we did not come to a deal, to NO fault of her own, I want to express how terrific she was through the process. she negotiated hard for me with a dealer who kept going back and forth on pricing. Ally was excellent in communicating quickly and effectively all that was transpiring. Ally even went as far as offering to waive the broker fee even though none of the issues I experienced were caused by her.

I plan on sending a few family members her way in the future


@fskang86 - Thanks for the opportunity! Yes, finding the right discounts makes a big difference. Might as well take the free money as it comes! Enjoy the car.

@YabbaDabbaDan - Don’t worry about it! You actually scored a Unicorn deal yourself and got a fantastic car. Happy to help with whatever you need in the future.

@LILease - Ah, it was my first time working with that dealer, and you deserved a better experience. At that point, it was more important to focus on the car itself than a broker fee. Happy to help your friends / family members down the road.


Worked with Nurse Ally. Took delivery of a 2020 Hyundai Tucson Limited AWD in Aqua Blue on Black Friday. Can vouch for her, process was smooth.



Thank you very much for making the trip down and for the great communication!!! Loved that everything went quickly and smoothly at the dealership - which is how it should be. Enjoy the vehicle!

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Thank you so much @NurseAl for being so helpful.
I didn’t get a car from her, but she was very helpful in the process. If I lived in NJ, I definitely would have purchased from her. She answered all my questions in detail (even on Christmas day!) and she told me about costco auto program, which I used to purchase a GMC.

I will reach out to her first when I purchase my next vehicle. I would definitely recommend her to everyone who is looking for a new car!

Thanks again Ally!


Thank you so much @NurseAl . I had a pretty strict time restriction (1day) and you made it happen. You got me a great deal that too within a day. I cannot state how great it was to work with you. No hassle at all. Simply the best.


We had a great convo and I’m glad you found a vehicle that fit your current needs! Look forward to talking again when you’re ready for the next car. Sometimes finding the eligible discounts can make all the difference :slight_smile:

The stars aligned for your BMW! Glad we could make it happen in 24 hours. It is a great deal and the communication was excellent. Excited to help your brother in the near future.

Ally was extremely helpful, prompt and honest. After contacting her, a previous deal I was trying to obtain became available to me. Even though there was no incentive for her, she continued to help and provide information and guidance on my deal. Even recommending at one point that it was a good deal and I should take it. She seemed most concerned that I obtained the best deal possible. All the while responding promptly and during the busy holiday season no less. I would highly recommend her and plan to contact her for future deals.


Thank you @Dewey_Lima and congrats to your daughter! Look forward to working with you again when you’re ready for the next one :slight_smile:

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@NurseAl has been such a pleasure to work with even though we have not yet arrived at a deal. She is patient, knowledgeable, and does due diligence given the select specific criteria I gave her. Communication was A+. To add on this, I live in Chicago where taxes are effectively 20%. Safe to say a deal was very hard to put together with my specific car I wanted and the price at which I wanted. Ally remained determined throughout.

I really appreciated the honesty I got from her, and open advice sometimes not even as broker. We have spent a lot of time back and forth, and at this point, I’d consider her a friend.

@NurseAl and I have not officially made a deal on a car, but I cannot recommend her enough! She is upfront, honest, and will tell you if she cannot get the car that you want at the price you want. Even though Ally does not sell the kind of car I wanted, she directed me to somewhere that does, and asked me to follow up with her. Ally would not be getting a sale from me, yet she still wanted to see what kind of deal I would be getting. I think that says a lot about her right there. If you need a car, or just have any questions about leasing in general, Ally is the person to go to. She is knowledgeable about all things leasing, and her responses are almost instant and always thoughtful. Even though we didn’t make a deal this time, I will certainly be using Ally when it is time to replace the Enclave! :wink:

Nurse Ally and I am nurse Eli :man_health_worker:. I am in calif. Any problem selling cars to SoCal residents? My coworkers always asking me about cars and how to get their hands on some well reasonably-priced cars.

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Thank you for your kind words. I think it’s my duty to advise people how to get the best deal and/or put themselves in the best situation. I have the same outlook when I am working at the hospital… I also recall seeing this from Gallup the other day:

Nurses at the top, car sales(wo)men at the bottom. I guess that means I’m somewhere in the middle??! Haha.

@Positiveions would probably appreciate that article too… I would love to sell out of state, but there are some great brokers and dealers in that region already, to where the $1000-$1200 in shipping from the East Coast wouldn’t be worth it. For example,@BMW_Dave has been very helpful to me and works at a great dealership (California is also tricky with their emissions requirements for out-of-state vehicles)!

The list is too funny. Lol.

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