🚗 NJ BMW Programs! | New Car + Demo Deals Clearance | May 2019 | BMW Dealer - No Broker Fees

As requested by many, here is the monthly updated BMW Programs for new cars for the NJ / NY / PA / CT Region.


  • Rebates increased and MONEY FACTOR DECREASED AGAIN! - Current MF is .00165
  • No lease support on any 2018 models except M3 and M3CS
  • APR Support on 2018 models still on (2018 Demos still have 1.49 finance buy rate 24 - 60mo finance)
  • 2020 X3 and X4 lease support has been added as ordering guide for X3M and X4M released.

Commonly Asked Questions - Please Read before posting question!

  • Loyalty is considered anyone currently with a BMW, Mini, BMW Motorcycle or Rolls Royce in the household or has owned one within the past 12 months.
  • $1000 OL CODE IS NOT ALWAYS $1000 These are actually only $500 from BMW NA and $500 from dealer contribution so please do not be surprised if you have grinded out a deal and then only get $500 for the OL Code even though it states $1,000 on the email. There is a ton from the Metlife Stadium drive event. If you show up with an OL Code from California or the east coast and live in NJ I will not be able to validate it, the deal will not fund.
  • Low mileage lease program (7500 miles per year) is eligible for the 6 series, 7 series, 8 series, i8 and X7 (Saves 1% off posted 10k residuals)
  • Customers do not need to trade in the loyalty or conquest car in order to qualify for rebate.
  • College grad is $1000 Lease credit not including M2, M3CS, M4CS or M5, must have graduated within the past 24 months or eligible for graduation within the next 6 months and have proof of income / letter of employment.
  • Demos with 5000-7499 miles have no eligible rebates and posted residual reduction of -7%.
  • Demos with 7500 - 9999 miles have no eligible rebates and posted residual reduction of 9%.
  • Demos from 300 - 4999 miles are eligible for certain rebates but do have a mileage residual hit of $0.25 / mile.
  • If you are interested in one of my new car / demo lease deals I can write the deal in any state (however all west coast deals will be redirected to a fellow BMW CA @BMW_Dave :slight_smile: ), however you must sign and deliver in person. I will not cover any shipping fee nor handle shipping on your behalf.
  • There is NO broker fee on any of my deals.

If you have any questions / inquiries I’d be glad to help get you into your new car or help field any questions in regards to BMW. Feel free to send me an email with what you’re looking for and I’ll get back to you whenever possible.



This is awesome @bretbmw thank you for doing this for us east coasters…now can you get me into an exec demo 2019 640 GT or 740i :slight_smile:


Not a big difference, but does mileage adjustment start from 300 or 500 miles?

Thanks for being so clear, Bret. Do you know if the OL Code works for the X7 in May … I know it was not valid in April.

As far as I know, it’s 300 miles. It used to be 500 miles. I just checked with my GSM and he just confirmed as well it’s 300. Would be glad to be proved wrong though so I’m not showing the wrong information.

OL as of right now does not work on X7, M2, M5 and 8 series.

Any loaner 3 series wagons?

We have a 2017, not leaseable. Unfortunately :frowning:

Our sister store does have a 2019 Wagon, probably could get a hacker worthy new car deal on it.


Interested in what a deal would like…I just turned in a mini

@bretbmw Any demo 340xi or are they all 330xi? are you able to provide some deal numbers on them?

We have no leasable 2018 demos. The only leaseable option would be a 19 3 series but we currently do not have any for sale that are not new

gotcha…any leasehacker worthy deals on the new 3 series?

Always looking to move new cars - likely an easy 10% + off msrp + rebates if interested

How come I can’t get any good deals on a 4 series convertible. The lowest I’ve been quoted was 765 15K/36 3200DAS. MSRP 65000

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Any 18 or 19 x5 bmw demos?

That’s a really poor number. They’re selling car at invoice, if you’re a serious interested buyer shoot me an email and I’ll sell you that exact car for better.


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Unfortunately no 18 demos left, sold all of them last month. but they are not leaseable anymore. no 19 x5 demos yet

Thank you for the numbers !

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is it true that finance support for retail is still there ? a dealer just told me that total of 6250 including loyalty
and can you get 20 Plus percent off MSRP from dealer on 340 xi M sport plus rebates
you can send me a private message if you wish

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Thanks for the great information. Are you seeing any good numbers on 2019 740i or 540i’s? Dealerships in FL not willing to do anything on worthwhile right now.