NHTSA investigating Flammable Bolts

Our beloved unicorn Bolts are so cheap they are en fuego:


Filed in July 2020, the second complaint tells a similarly fiery tale with one key difference: the Bolt wasn’t plugged in. According to the complaint (NHTSA ID number 11339878), the owners of a 2019 Bolt left their house with a full charge, drove for about 12 miles, and turned the car off. It caught fire approximately 20 minutes later. Firefighters spent an hour putting out the blaze, left, and were called back when the Bolt caught fire again. It was then towed to Chevrolet dealership, where the fire started for the third and final time. Here again, the flames came from the rear-seat area. No injuries were reported, and the owner noted there were no warning signs on the dashboard.


What’s a good ev without a couple of fires. If I recall, the 787 Dreamliner caught fire due to lithium ion batteries in the wings .

If it’s anything like tsla, we should all be buying GM stock


Lol…2 fires and they jump on it…how many BMWs burned 2 years ago before they started paying attention? 20 something?

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Returning mine tomorrow. Timings everything.

GM seems pretty transparent and responsive about it. I watched the video:


Recall applies to 2017-2019 Bolt EVs with batteries produced in Ochang, Korea. The 2020 Bolt EVs have different batteries produced in Orion, USA, and are not affected.

Owners are instructed to set a charge limit to 90%, as it appears the five fires happened with fully-charged cars that were parked. If you can’t do that for whatever reason, then keep the car parked outside.


I wonder if I can turn my bolt lease in early given the recall. I only have 1 month left on it, called the recall number (Chevrolet EV Concierge 1-833-EVCHEVY) and GM Financial, they said they would give me a call back.

Taking away 10% of the car’s range as a solution seems like they are going to get sued.


Want some meme lemon for your tea :tea: ?

Those Bolt deals sure were :fire:! https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/14/gm-warns-some-bolt-ev-owners-dont-park-them-inside-or-charge-them-unattended-overnight.html Don’t put them in your garage or charge them overnight?!?! Can’t even trade them in 3rd party now.

I’m glad to see July 2021 finally got the news from last October. There are several burnt-out garages in my general area that got a little crazy with their 2017-2019 Bolt.


There is actually a new notice from GM. They are saying even if your car has the updated firmware, do not park it in your garage overnight if charging, or do not charge it overnight. There have been at least two new fires from the 2017-2019 group.


Looks like Bolt is the new Pinto of EVs.

If you can’t charge your Bolt overnight, nor keep it inside, or close to, your garage, where your charger is most likely to be, then that car has pretty much become useless.

FYI those of you got in the Bolt mania, GM expanded the recall to include 20-22 MY as well.

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Off topic to the Bolt, but a Tesla Model S went up in smoke in our neighborhood over the weekend in an apparent charger fire.

The Model S is a total loss, their garage is boarded up and fireline tape all over the car and front of the house

Thank goodness they were charging outside

Insane the scale of this recall and what a money pit this will be for GM. And what the heck is happening to the old batteries? Yikes.