New RV/MF Search Feature in Leasehackr Calculator

Like many of you here, the Leasehackr team spends a lot of time searching for lease program data. Over time, we have developed our own methodology for doing so. We thought we would build this search methodology into the Leasehackr Calculator so you too can conveniently search for residual value and money factor!

The new Lease Program Query tool scrapes the open web and programmatically cross-checks the data against sources we consider generally reliable. The displayed residual value and money factor data are generally accurate; if we cannot confirm the accuracy of the data, then we leave it out. Incentives data may be incomplete for some brands but we share what we have.

That said, the internet is a wild place and our tool is not foolproof. At the end of the day, expertise is still required to hack a lease. Manually cross-check the data with other sources as you see fit. Let us know in Suggestions if you spot any error. We rectify inconsistencies in the query tool as we see them.

The Lease Program Query tool is an add-on to the Calculator. It does not impact the Calculator’s core functionality.

We hope our Lease Program Query tool could serve as a quick, helpful reference for your research. If you love what we’ve built, you can show us some love by contributing to our Tech Support Fund. We are always experimenting with new ways to help you score a great deal while maintaining a healthy, sustainable community.

You can also support us by spreading the word about Leasehackr via social media so more people can benefit from our collective knowledge. :slight_smile: [Note: Please omit sharing the Lease Program Query tool. We don’t want our sources to go away, for whatever reason. Keep the feature within the community and use it while available!]

Happy Leasehacking!


This is awesome! I know it’ll save a lot of time for people and will be super helpful. I’m sure this is still in the works but here’s a few of my suggestions.

  1. Automatically input the data into the LH for the make and model upon clicking “search”
  2. Move it up above the “Make” selection to make it easier to navigate and use
  3. Give option to pick miles/terms within the selection. (This might be a bit tedious)

Donated even before trying it! Cheers!

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Thanks for your suggestions. We actually have debated all the points you have raised and here are why we decided against them (for now):

  1. Since the tool is in ultra beta mode where we can’t guarantee the data’s accuracy and completeness (probably not possible until a Big Boy opens its database to us), we do not want to force the data pre-fill for the user. It is meant to be a reference only.
  2. I agree that would be the most logical order; however, since the Model and Trim selections do not impact the way user uses the calculator, we put them under the Lease Program Query field and hide them by default. The tool is built as an add-on so to be as non-intrusive as possible to the current calculator use. We are conscious of the fact that people do not like drastic UI changes.
  3. Miles and terms are already part of the calculator and are taken into consideration when conducting the search.

Thanks for explaining that.

  1. When it said enjoy it while it lasts, I was under the impression that it was really accurate. Since it could be off, I see why pre-fill wouldn’t be a good idea.

  2. You explanation here also makes sense. It would be nice to have it spring back or make the “MAKE” field red if it wasn’t selected.

  3. I did think of this if it pre-filled and the calculator would adjust as it does now, but since it didn’t, just a thought.

I assume all the numbers provided are for the captive banks? Maybe put a note of that somewhere?


Holy shit this is amazing. What a time saver.

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Damn fine effort, right there. It’s yuuuge!

This is great looking, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. With multiple brands, I select a model and then get an error message for trim and it fails.

This is extremely impressive.

Great idea.


This is amazing.

Just tried with a few brands and trims…very cool!

I am getting some errors on trims - for example Chevy Camaro or Corvette, Porsche anything.

This is awesome!

This is awesome looks good! Functions good! Wonderful update!

Which models are returning the error?

Volvo, Toyota, and Hyundai all automatically error out the trim information for me when I select the model.

edit: just tried again and now it’s working

Let me look into it! Do you recall what the error message was?

For the “trim” section, it would display “error!” and say “failed to load information” or something like that below.