Leasehackr Calculator Just Got Better (Part 2) – Introducing RATE FINDR

To help consumers get the best deal possible, Leasehackr is introducing Rate Findr, a first-of-a-kind tool for consumers to look up lease and finance programs from the same source that dealers use to desk a deal.

What is it?

Rate Findr gives consumers access to complete lender data previously not available to the general public, including:

  • Lease program data. Instantly look up the current residual value, money factor, and incentives (including stackability) offered by captive lenders for virtually every car model based on location.

  • Finance program data. Find standard and subvented finance rates, incentives (including stackability), and unpublished offers from captive lenders and OEMs.

  • Cash program data. Incentives offered by OEMs for cash purchases and non-captive finance.

  • Canadian data. Find lease and finance program data for the Canadian market.

Accessible via our Supporters Calculator, Rate Findr replaces the Lease Program Query to provide comprehensive data from an authoritative source.

Why are we doing this?

Since our founding in 2015, we have observed the difficulty of finding current and accurate information on residual values, rates, and incentives – even though that data is essential to negotiating a fair deal. Leasehackr’s goal is to make information more accessible to the consumer, hence the creation of Rate Findr.

We also pride ourselves in keeping our editorial independence and unique, community-led hackr culture. To that end, Rate Findr is made possible by donations from our sustaining Super Supporters, who helped crowdfund the development of this tool and the ongoing cost to procure the data. Rate Findr is an investment into our community that will help members unearth deals and make informed decisions.

With a complete dataset now in our toolbox, we hope to develop more useful tools in collaboration with our @tech_crew members, making Leasehackr truly a platform built by the community for the community.

How do I access the tool?

Rate Findr is available to our Super Supporters. You can access the tool via the forum homepage as a Super Supporter.

Note that Rate Findr is not for commercial use. Please contact us if you intend to use it for business purposes.

Happy Leasehacking!

The Leasehackr Team


Wow! this is really great. Nice work leasehackr team!

Now a @tech_crew question. Can you make that data easily available through an API (if it’s not)? How can we build tools for others that use this information? Maybe super supporters can create tokens that they can enter into the tool to use the API?

Pretty sure its pulling from JD Power’s API (or a similar company). Would be surprised if the license agreement allowed someone other than LH to access it.

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Yes, I’m sure they can’t give us direct access to JD Power’s API. But if they can return the results in HTML, they should be able to return the results in JSON too? I’m just trying to plant the seed so they think about how they want to handle that (if at all). It would make automated searches for needles in the haystack much easier.

Anyone use this yet or have a review?

Pulls lease programs with available incentives.

Not in the market, but did play around with scenarios posted by fellow LH’rs, and I’m blown away…EASILY worth Super status if you need to make decisions.

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@littleviolette @michael Can you confirm if it pulls ccap incentivized rates as well?

By incentivized rate you mean subvented rate? Rate Findr does pull rates from CCAP. If there is a subvented program for the model, Rate Findr would show it. Right now, I am seeing that there is a subvented program for the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe 4x4 but not the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe 4x4.

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Small nit - when changing the Year field, the miles per month reset to 12,000 every time. Can you keep it at the previous selection if possible, and only change it if there is no existing program for the previous selection?

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Changed per request. Clear cache on your browser if you are not seeing the changes. Thank you!

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