New Mclaren delivered damaged

Leased a new Mclaren from an authorized dealership out of state who shipped the car to me in an enclosed trailer which was part of the deal.

Now the interesting part begins: car arrived with a cracked windshield, damaged (chipped and scraped) front spoiler which is carbon fiber, door edges chipped, and missing carbon fiber rear engine plenum which was part of the options list.

I called the salesman who stated the windshield, front damage, and door damage was done by shipper and they should be responsible for the repair. He told me that I have go after the transport company. Transport company tells me they will only pay for the damaged front spoiler to be repaired and nothing else.

I signed the lease agreement 2 weeks ago and the Finance Manager calls me yesterday stating the agreement was incorrect and not accepted by Ally Financial. I told him there were multiple issues with the car upon arrival, which he knew nothing about, and he tells me to sign the corrected lease agreement and they will speak to the shipper.

My question is: can I demand not to sign the new agreement until they fix the car and order the missing carbon piece OR ask them to take the car back and void the transaction?

There’s nothing to void as the original contract was rejected by Ally, thus invalid. Yes, you should have the dealer fix everything before signing the new contract. If they don’t want to, they can have their car back.

The shipping company usually looks at the condition of the vehicle and notes any damages before loading the vehicle. You don’t have that report?


What he said ^^


I got the BOL from the transporter which shows no damage on pickup bc it’s a new car. Spoke to the owner who was very nice and really felt bad about what transpired. He offered to fix the damaged front spoiler but said the door damage and cracked windshield was not their doing and was overlooked by the person who picked up the car and inspected it. He said there was no way they damaged the windshield and I should take care of the cracked windshield, door damage, and missing carbon fiber piece with the dealership…

I would kindly remind him of the BOL showing no damage.


Sounds like a battle you should let the dealer and shipper fight.


Hope you have pre-shipment and arrival pictures.

Also hope you rejected the delivery.

& What others said ^^

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You are right. But in the meantime, I shouldn’t sign the new lease agreement until the car is completely fixed?

Local Mclaren dealership stated that the windshield can take up to 4 weeks to arrive and is very costly if not covered by a warranty claim… I am not sure if the selling dealer is willing to wait that long to fix all of the items.
Also, the front and door damage are costly due to ordering special paint from Mclaren. They don’t offer touchup paint like other car manufactures…
The missing carbon piece is costly as well if I were to order it from Mclaren

You should at least ask for a written authorization to repair it.

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I don’t have pre shipment pictures bc it was an out of state deal and I didn’t inspect the car. Salesman stated car was perfect since it was new and never driven.
I have post delivery pictures showing the damage and missing part.
I didn’t reject the delivery and signed the BOL with the damaged items documented.

I know it must be very frustrating but to keep it in perspective. I dream to one day be having this issue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t2:

Are you sure about this?


This whole thing sounds awful, I’d just reject it and let them take the car back and find another deal


If you sign the new lease, I’d bet you will be the one fighting to get this fixed and it won’t be easy/fast.


Just for future ask the salesperson / shipper to provide pictures taken at the time of loading.

So they can’t blame it on the other.

Don’t touch the car or put in the repair. ask dealership to pick it up or give it to local dealership.

Definitely wouldn’t sign the new contract until all your issues are sorted/ covered in writing. Are the original listing photos of the Mclaren still available on the dealers website? That should be a good reference to condition of the car before it was loaded. If the dealership is not responsible for the damage, they should be able to provide proof… the dealership has ample security/ cameras, assuming the car left in perfect condition (spoiler, no cracked windshield, etc.), they should be able to shift all liability to the transporter (if that is the case). Did you pick the transporter or is it through the dealer?

Depending on why ally rejected the contract so I would look over your contract see if you missed a signature or if there was a small mistake with stating residual or rate where the dealer can just have ally hold back on the reserve but still get contract funded. You can go on ally dealer tools website and calculate everything and match it with your contract. Depending on what the mistake is vs how much the repair will cost the dealer can decide which way to go unless you missed a signature or document then they have to honor everything or you can simply have them take the car back because their is no contract or just keep going back and forth drive the car for free until they decide to take it back :man_shrugging:t2:

I’d just tell them to come and pick the car up instead of having this headache. You are lucky that the deal was rejected. If you can afford this one you can probably afford another one :slight_smile:


I completely agree with the first quote and would consider myself “lucky” that Ally rejected the contract. Speaks volumes as to the fact that the dealer wants you to deal with the transporter. Love the use of the word “should” in that particular instance. If it were me I’d hate to have an occasion such as this marred by significant uncertainty along with (even more) significant repair invoices.

Omg this x1000

Your MCLAREN salesperson didn’t take pictures of them loading your car for you? I had a Ford shipped and I got dozens of fresh pics of it being loaded.

This is not your problem, but if you sign a new lease agreement this will become your problem. Either the shipper and the dealership fight it out and they make it right or the shipper can pick the car up and bring it back to the dealership and you can start over. Totally unacceptable!