New Lease Broker Looking for Software

My name is AJ and I am looking to start my own independent leasing brokerage. I want to know which software you can recommend me to use to desk deals. Only two software’s I heard about so far is mDesking and MarketScan.

Do you use any of those software’s?

If you can point me in right direction that would be perfect.

How can I be a successful lease broker?

What are some things I am suppose to buy or subscribe?

I can also compensate you for your time and knowledge.

Thank you Very Much

Software does not make the broker. Know any friends serious about buying a car? Try your hand at researching and finding them a deal first (Even if you don’t earn penny one from it)


There are a couple existing threads

And several on Residuals that mention those tools. Did you read those first?

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Mdesking/Marketscan are both terms for the exact same product. Besides that you could use Dealertrack to desk deals also (Less expensive).

Desking software is pricey for a new broker, I would only get it once you are doing fairly high volume. I know a lot of brokers that don’t use desking software, it helps but is not necessary.

If you want to be successful you need to figure out how to aquire customers and how to maximize the amount of deals you make on those inquiries. Also being knowledgeable on current deals, makes, models will help


He has commented on EVERY single thread about this. I would suggest not reviving every old thread and spamming several times about the same thing. Do you know the ins and outs of leasing? Do you know certain makes very well? Can you recommend what car will be right for a customer based on wants and budgets? Do you have dealer contacts?


You forgot to mention:

Are you hungry? You’ve gotta be hungry to make it work.


I was about to ask OP the same thing… seems to be an unusual time to jump into this. Layoffs/furloughs, no supply/inventory, saturated industry with lots of competition and barriers to entry. But guess OP is looking for the challenge.

OP - out of curiosity, have you worked in the auto industry before? Are you looking to be a disruptor, or be a traditional broker/player?


I already move about 5 cars brokering lease deals and I don’t even advertise. I get calls all the time for leasing. Its just that I do it the traditional way, which is call dealers and get quotes. This takes too long and I customers loose patience and look elsewhere.

I just found out there’s software out there that can make our life easy

I read all of them. Just could not find the answer to what is a good software and what is the price.

I need a software that gives me current lease incentive deals for manufacture, and rebates. Will Dealertrack provide me this?

Yes I know about leasing.
I am in car business for 10 years.
I have a large customer base and also owned a used car dealership.
Most local dealers know me by name.

I just need software that lets me know current manufactur incentives and rebates.

Very hungry. I have 4 people want to get cars alone this week.

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Yes been in the business for 10 years.
Can you please define what is a disruptor or traditional broker/player.

To be totally honest, in order for desking software to be worth in cost it you really need to be selling at least one car daily.

I guess you started brokering with getting licensed first then?

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what is the price of this software

yes i did. now looking for a software to make my life easier

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Depends on the size of your operation.

To keep things (very) simple, I’m referring to a traditional broker as someone who has a customer pipeline, comes with a need, and fulfills that with their own network of dealers.

A disruptor, is someone or a business model that will change this arrangement significantly whether through new efficiencies, different value proposition, new market, etc. A lot of ways you can slice this. Curious since there have been various attempts to change this up.

Edit: just saw OP’s replies about making life easier, so likely just the traditional route.

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im confused. Which software are you referring to?

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