What type of CRM do you guys use? (Brokers)

Hello everyone,

I am working on a mobile app. I just wanted to get some input from the brokers or dealers or anyone who runs a similar business.

  1. Do you use a CRM? if yes, which one?
  2. Your calls and messages, do you guys use your personal phone, google voice or similar services, or a second business phone?
  3. Approximately how much volume do you guys do?(not necessary to disclose)
  4. Do you have others working for you or do you do it all alone?

You can send me a message if you would like to keep your details private. Thanks in advance for your input everyone!

  1. Yes, dealersocket.
  2. Business phone
  3. 850 cars average per month. 12-15 cars on me.
  4. Alone

CA store Advent CRM
AZ DealerSocket

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Thank you!

Holy shit that is a huge store!

Business phone as in a desk line from the store or you have a second business cell phone?

Thank you Cody, and what about the phone? Do you just use the store provided phone, a second business line, personal phone, or something else?

Personal phone. Toyota has a 15% discount with Verizon


Email, spreadsheets. Notes, messaging.

Not big time enough to pay a bunch of money for software.

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Thank you!

Calls and messaging, do you do it through personal phone number, or a second number?

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  1. Hubspot over here!
  2. Personal + google voice
  3. Alone + help
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Thank you! I want to discuss more details about hubspot. Ill send you a message

DMS - Advent (Advent is the best DMS imo compared to CDK and Reynolds)

CRM - Dealersocket (sucks, I prefer Vinsolutions or Eleads)

Phone - Cell although I’ve used Avaya office phones before and I liked them.

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iPhone XS Max can run 2 phone numbers via sim card and esim card which is the set up that I currently have. Texting goes to the same place and same notifications and calls comes straight through too


Is there any software that gives you current lease deals? Locate cars?

Located in NJ with knowledge of how the game works and a lot of contacts…any suggestions on software? I looked into ELEAD so far and it’s super expensive…thanks in advance!

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Can anyone recommend a CRM specifically for Auto Leasing Broker?