New Lease: BMW 530e


Hi, I’ve spent some time on the forum and think I have all the info I need to determine if this is a good deal or not… would love some advice from you guys. Judging by deals I have seen, this has a lot of room for negotiation.
I live in LA County, so taxes are 9%.

My current lease is up in 3 weeks - had 3 sets of BMWs before I moved into a Chevy Volt. It’s time to go back to a bimmer!

Thank you in advance for your time!

2018 BMW 530e
Lease: 36 months
Mileage: 15k/year

Selling Price: 62,385.00
Discount: 6,586.00
Rebate: 2,000.00
Total Purchase: 53,799.00
Monthly: $709

Taxable Fees (Estimated): 925.00
Plate Fee: 1.00
Doc Fee: 80.00
Tax: 437.97
Non Tax Fees: 659.75
Net Price: 55,902.72

MF: 0.00182
Residual: 58%

What is that rebate?

There is a 1000 lease credit and 1000 conquest available as well for 2018 530e leases

Approx lease hacker score of 7.9 with $1,233 Drive off fee. I have seen better on BMW’s. Do you need 15k a year? Also Money Factor is high. I thought BMW MF fee’s were around 1.9%

Also, bet you could get more aggressive as they want to get the 18’s off the lot? Did you shop other dealers?

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I believe those are the two rebates I received.

Yes, I need the 15k… does that take it up about $15-20 a month?

Yes, Im waiting for the dealers to get me a spec sheet with the MF #

Been shopping around for the same car, money factor is correct. It is matching up to what they are advertising for the APR at 4.37%, BMW financial is notorious for this. High MF and higher residuals though. I have gotten offers for 12% off easily and looks like with the 15k miles, this actually seems like a solid deal to me. You do the equivalent numbers at 10k miles and the score is 8.4 years. BMW just does not have as good incentives as they usually do and if you want to gamble, wait until Nov 1st.
My advice you have a pretty good deal for that car with that high of mileage, remember 15k a year is 50% more use of the car than 10k. So for 10k the monthly is $663. if you are getting 50% more mileage for only $46 more a month, that is a good deal.

Makes sense, thanks for the insight.
I have enough time left on my current lease where I can wait until November, if the deals will be better. Historically, is that the case? Did you mean if I want to take a gamble whether the car I want will be available in a week?

Typically they are, I have friends that are dealers at a BMW dealer in socal and also a friend who works at BMW financial. They are telling me to wait until Nov. There are no programs on 2019s right now and the 2018 incentives can be better. The gamble is yes, will the car still be there. Check your local dealers for their inventory and how many 2018s do they have? Will they last until next week? Some have more than others though you end up getting limited to black and white for color.
The other issue is that the MF factor might go up. THough I think that is a little less likely since the Fed is probably going to hold off increasing rates until Dec. So these MF should hold until next month.

Do you think they will increase incentives for the 2019s in November? A dealer is offering 12.5% off a 2019, which is higher than most other dealers in my area for a 2019. Just worried if I wait until November they won’t be able to do the same 12.5% discount (I’ve had this happen before…). Have you been getting 12% off easily just on 2018s or 2019s too?

yeah i got 12% offer on a 2019. if they can do it now, they can do it next month too, it is the MF and incentives they don’t have control of and you might just have to keep pushing them and wait a little more. It is holiday season and they probably will given competitors like Mercedes launch their winter event with incentives across the board.

Thats what I figured, but just concerned b/c I was helping a friend on a 540i in July/August and a dealer offered a good discount at the end of July…but my friend decided to wait until August in hopes of better MF/incentives. When we went to make the deal in August, the dealer wouldn’t even come close to the previously offered discount. We still ended up getting the same discount from another dealer, but had to settle for a car that didn’t have the preferred color combo and options.

I’d bet the MF stays the same (due to what you said and the fact that they just raised them for October) and they add a $1000 lease incentive for the 2019s in November.

have you gotten any offers higher than 12% off on a 2019?

Is the 12% discount before or after incentives(loyalty, lease cash, conquest, etc)?

Before incentives for my offers

Care to share the dealership or person you are working with? @LeseeTwo and @BimmerHunter

The most I’m getting offered is 10%. I would be happy with 12% if I can find the right dealer!!

Lower msrp but maybe OP might be interested:

Want to share your dealer info?

I have 24, 2019s in stock If anyone wants to come up to Nor-Cal. No 2018s remaining, they flew away :frowning: