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Hi guys,

I am a newbie here. I am very interested in leasing a X3 M. I did find a car I like even though I would prefer the less MSRP ones, i like this one for the options it has. how ever the dealer has sent me a very confusing qoute. At first they sent me a qoute with the taxes up front which required me to put down 5k+ down. Then I asked for a payment with only the first month due. I have been trying to create a calculator but i don’t seem to be getting it right. Also I am getting very confused with the dealers qoute, why does he have so many minus payments and why is the inception fees so much. Can you explain me what I should do next?

Thank you for all your support guys! I hope to get a really good deal

Inception fees on this sheet look to be just everything that’s “not” the car: Sales tax, Acquisition Fee, Doc Fee, Title Fee.

I wouldn’t stress about the minus payments and what not, that is just this dealer accounting for the money up front and rebates and incentives. Every dealer will do that somewhat differently.

The bottom picture has everything you need to evaluate the deal: MSRP, pre-incentive discount, incentives, taxes & fees, MF, RV, and payment.

All in all the deal looks very solid, you’re getting 10.5% pre-incentive discount at base MF. Unfortunately the $2,660 in taxes up front (and no loyalty) is what makes this look much worse than other X3M deals we’ve seen.

Here’s your calculator within a few dollars:

LH Calculator


Thank you so much for that!! Also upon checking i found that the dealer is not offering the full rebate available on the car. The lease cash is 3500 and 1000 loyalty. I want to be at a 650 payment.

You just can’t come up with a magical number of what the payment you want to be at. Its very helpful to read the leasing 101 and learn how to structure a deal. Then negotiate on the elements that you can, example making sure you are getting the whole lease cash etc, base MF, good discount etc

I also want a Ferrari at $400/m and we all know thats not possible.


I want to be at a 650 payment.

I want many things as well. The $650 mark won’t be a thing on a $78,295 X3M at the moment.

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Have you verified incentives and RV from The Edmunds forum? MF is right, but it looks like there’s $$$ hidden in the deal.

As others suggested, you will want to take a few steps back and gather all the necessary data points to structure your deal, instead of letting the dealer do it for you.

Yes I have, according to edmunds the money factor is .00099 and there is $3500 lease credit. I also happen to know thru bimmerpost there is a $1000 loyalty as well.
And guys I understand how I said it was wrong. I can’t say I want a 650 payment. What I actually meant was I am trying to work a deal to have a 650 payment. I may mostly likely fail. But I gotta try before I fail.
But i need more than that! I need to know if I’d like to ask a dealer for a specific Selling price and the fact that I see them being not completely transparent about their rebates how do I approach?

@kubikdanon Has a X3M, you should talk to him. Price point is where you want to be as well.

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But is $650 realistic right now? That’s what folks are saying.

i think so, i saw this deal. It is pretty close to what I want

Thanks! I will talk to him

That was a demo/loaner. Its hard to find these, but if you can, good luck. Its highly unlikely you will get similar discount on a new car in this market.

Perhaps I should’ve been more clear. The car I’m looking into is a loaner. And the mileage is stated in the sheet.

650 with that much DAS is certainly possible in some markets… a little more difficult in Tax-on-sale price states.

As some mentioned, there are plenty of broker listings for X3Ms at 10-11% with 4000+ in rebates and base MF that are somewhere in the 650-750 pmt range with inceptions DAS and MSDs

Just in case you want to contact a broker… @leasecompanion can help

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Hey don’t forget us! We’re at 11% on most and have a new one at 11.5%!

Sorry! Was on mobile and had his page up. Check out @IAC too!

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