Need help improving this BMW 330e deal

Hi Hackrs!

OK, I’ve been leasing cars for years. But only after finding this forum have I realized how screwed I’ve been getting all this time. Better late than never…haha! With that said…I would GREATLY appreciate any help.

We’re in the market for a BMW 330e. I recently got an email from BMW North America with a personalized $2000 corporate incentive. (not sure how I got picked for it). I also qualify for a USAA/military incentive. (dealer claims it’s only $500)

I’ve been going back and forth between 2 dealers…one with a 2018 and one with a 2017. Both brand new. Apparently I can’t use the above incentives on loaners.

Attached is the paperwork for the 2018…

Based on some some older 330e posts I’ve seen here, I thought I’d get a lower monthly payment considering the $2000 BMWNA incentive, $500 military discount, and $3000 govt tax break pass on from BMWFS.

Details on the deals:
Residual: 61%
MF: 00192

For 2018:
MSRP: $49,945
Discout: $2,557
Rebates: $5,500
Adjusted Price: $41,888
Balance after fees and stuff: $43,439
36mo/10k miles/$1000 out of pocket: $544/month

For the 2017: (told to me over the phone)
MSRP: $48,345
Adjusted Price: $39,300
36mo/10k miles/$1000 out of pocket: $489/month

The dealer also told me BMW did away with MSDs over the summer, so according to them, there’s not much more I can do to lower the monthly.

My goal is to get 12k miles/year and zero our of pocket. We have a 2 month old at home so any “out-of-pocket” savings would go straight to diapers!

Thanks so much for the assist!!!

I forgot to mention…my $2000 BMWNA incentive expires at the end of the month, so I only have a few weeks to figure this out.

You need to get a bigger discount off MSRP before incentives and get the base MF. They are marking up the MF by the max of .0004. Also, your “goals” are just terms that you can tell the dealer to do, they aren’t something you need to negotiate.

Also, October lease cash on the 2017 is $6,000. Assuming you qualify for an additional $2,500 in rebates, they’re only discounting the car by $500. If your additional rebates aren’t stackable, they’re still only discounting by $3,000.

BMW of Louisville has a $54k red one. I qualify for no rebates beyond what everyone gets and the first quote was $493, including my 9.25% tax, with just the first payment due at signing. I dealt with John Foye.

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You should be shooting for $5-6K off MSRP without any discounts on the 2017s, at a bare minimum. Probably can get a lot more. Only then stack on the rebates ($6K lease cash, $2K incentive, $500 military).

Its an 18, still needs more work (20 characters)

It’s two different cars, with both quotes listed - one 2017 and one 2018.

My Bad, didn’t see that.

Yes this! Since they know you have the rebate, they are not working hard to give you a discount on a model that has frankly not been selling well. The 330e is a disappointment.

Hey guys…thanks so much for the GREAT advice! So I just reached out to the “2017” dealership and told them that $500 off the price doesn’t work for me. I told them there are other dealers out there willing to give $5k-$6k off MSRP AND incentives on top of that. They told me “that sounds fishy” and “those dealships might not be telling you the whole truth.” They then offered $2000 off plus incentives. For them to do anymore than that, they said I need to get something in writing from another dealership.

Seems like they are definitely playing hardball. Suggestions??

Would something in writing from vhooloo’s crystal balls BMW dealership in Gold Member, neverlandia suffice? If so, I can produce one :slight_smile:

Show the dealer this post

Ag37204, sounds like you’re getting a MUCH better deal than what my dealer is willing to give. Do mind if I ask…how much did they discount off MSRP before incentives? Do you mind if I use your offer as leverage to get my dealer back to the table? :blush:

If Gold Member, Neverlandia BMW has a good deal, I’ll drive there myself! Haha…

So this being my first time really pushing a hard lease negotiation, do dealerships historically recognize forum posts as “counter-offers?” The sales associate I’m dealing with seems to be on the full defensive. He actually used the quote “You’re one tough cookie…You know I have to buy diapers, right?”

RTB, I ended up not taking the deal. If you want to message me your email address, I’ll send you the quote that they gave me in writing. Also, @jananth1 pointed me to the dealer, so he deserves the credit.

Thanks for the shoutout, @ag37204! @RTB, PM me before talking with the dealer. I might be able to help. :wink:

Just PM’ed you my email. THANKS AGAIN!!!


Update…so either BMW dealers aren’t as willing to negotiate lately or my negotiation skills are severely lacking! (I’m guessing…option B)

Went back to the “2017” and “2018” dealer with quotes in hand showing examples of $5k-$14k discounts and additional incentives. Neither wanted to budge more than $2500 from MSRP. I expected that from the “2018” guy but was pretty confident I was going to get at least $5k off the “2017.” He said the best he could do was $420/mo with $1k out of pocket for a car with original MSRP $48k. Thats including my $6k BMW lease cash, $2k BMWNA customer cash, and $1000 military.

I found an awesome 2017 loaner at another nearby dealership, but I’m running into roadblocks there also. Original MSRP $56k, internet sales price $48k. The sales associate said at best they can come down another $1k…and I can only use $3k of the BMW lease cash because it’s a CPO.

Any suggestions?

So I think I’ve made some progress with the 2017 Loaner:

Original MSRP: $56,570
Monthly Payment $435
36mo/10k miles
Out of Pocket: $435 (first month)

They’re going to email me the quote sheet tonight so I can see how the math works. While waiting, I tried to reverse engineer the numbers in the calculator. I think they’re giving me about 12% off the original MSRP.

I was really hoping to get my monthly in the mid $300s. What do you guys think. Should I take it?

what’s the selling price? and how many miles on that loaner? yea there still have a lot of space for that 12%… try to push to 15%, that’s if it’s new car. For loaner its all depends on their mileage. mid 300s is not possible anymore after they kill the MSD, I was in the market for 330e too, but now go down to 320i… for 320i, low 300 is very possible with 0 due at sign.