2017 BMW 330e lease $369

Not as crazy as the 2016 demo deals people are throwing out, but a good deal nonetheless. Notable that dealers are discounting 2017 models by $7k+

MSRP: ~$52,000
Selling Price: ~$44,500
Rebates: $3,000 lease credit for 330e, $1,000 grad (MBA, don’t hate)
Net cap cost: $40,500
24 months/12k miles residual: 67%
MF: .00085 with 7 MSDs
Due on signing: $4100 - includes MSDs, registration, $80 doc fee, tax on cap cost reduction. $0 down.
Payment: $337 pre-tax, $369 with tax.

In the SF Bay Area.


I like this deal. The 330e has a much more prestigious feel than EDIT:“a regular three series” (both in and out). One must try one to appreciate the drive. It’s a great deal- Good job!

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Thanks! It’s a fun car - still quick and fun to drive and the electric drive aspect keeps things interesting.

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Yes, like front row parking at some locations.

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Oh! almost forgot about that! Thanks for pointing that out because I kept telling myself there isn’t any true EV benefits to the 330e (it doesn’t have HOV, and government subsidy). But nonetheless this deal is good for this particular model.

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can you take a pic of your paper work so i can show a dealer?

can this car be used as regular car without charging? I dont have a place to charge. just wondering. thanks

I’ve been looking in to them. and yes can be driven without plugging in. it turns it in to a hybrid basically…

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The main benefit of the 330e is that the gov’t gives you an extra $3k for free on a lease. That more than offsets the higher MSRP of the 330e vs. the 328i. The performance is comparable (0-60 in 5.6 vs 5.4 according to Motor Trend). The gas mileage is meaningfully superior, while driving with electric torque in a city is a real treat. And there are a few nice trim touches. My main complaint is that the steering is annoyingly soft compared to the 328i. But I get to park right in front of my Whole Foods!

What extra 3k???..20 characters…

The 330e gets a $4k federal tax credit (though not California annoyingly); BMW passes $3k of that along on a lease. So that’s an extra discount you can extract above your typical dealer discount/other rebates.

I c- good to no. But yes- I’m in CA. No benefit at all for the 330e except for front row parking.

Yea I’m in CA too - it’s annoying that BMW doesn’t qualify for the extra $1500-$2500 state rebate and the HOV stickers while the Audi e-tron does. But you do still get the federal credit ($4k if you buy, $3k if you lease), which is great.

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30D. New Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicles – BMW of North America

Model Year
Vehicle Description
Credit Amount
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 BMW i3 Sedan with Range Extender $7,500
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
BMW i3 Sedan
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
BMW i8
2016, 2017
BMW X5 40e
2016, 2017 BMW 330e $4,001
2017 BMW i3 (60Ah) Sedan $7,500
2017 BMW 740e $4,668
330e is not excluded in califiornia from a fed tax credit if I’m reading this right

That’s right. You get $4k from the federal gov’t if you buy (through the gov’t) or $3k through BMW FS on a lease (they get the $4k and credit back $3k if you lease).

CA has a separate program that offers an additional rebate on some cars as well as the HOV stickers. So an i3 gets $7,500 from the federal gov’t and another $2,500 from California. Many plug-ins are eligible for $1,500 from CA. Unfortunately, the 330e isn’t eligible for this extra state program, but is still eligible for the federal program and the BMW FS $3,000 lease credit in every state.

tl;dr the 330e still has $3k of extra credit over a 2017 330i regardless of what state you live in.

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im in Socal. I didn’t know you couldn’t get the ca rebate thats kinda weak. really bummed about the HOV stickers. i have a Prius plug in right now. love the access.

I’m having trouble finding it. The vehicle doesn’t show up on the CVR website… (am I on the wrong site?)

That’s the CA site. The federal site is here:


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Oh… I see, that’s the credit that reduces the MSRP.

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When I was comparing leases on my recent transaction, I was asking dealers to give me a quote on “nothing down” leases, just to be sure I was comparing apples to apples.

Is there any problem with that?

The 330e lease sounds great at $369 but when you add $155 per month ($4,100 due on signing - $369 first payment = $3,731 / 24 months) it becomes a $524 per month lease, which doesn’t sound nearly as good.

Is my logic okay here?