Need Help - Acura TLX A Spec 19 V6 Lease

Working on Leasing 19 TLX A SPEC V6 MSRP $ 43,795

Dealers are responding as if my numbers are way off…please help me validate…

$43,795 MSRP Down to $38,100 (Using Edmunds True Market Value) - $8950(dealer lease cash)= $29,150

@ 36/12 - 51% residual, .00215 MF, 9% Tax for PA (18104) = $0 Down $327/Month

What am I missing?

Wow. I want that deal for myself. You did a great job.

Sorry if my post was misleading - this is my research but not getting favorable responses from dealers - looking for advice on what I’m missing or if the True Market Value discount I’m basing my estimate on is just off or not attainable

The “true market value” is BS. Most dealer discounts will be inclusive of the dealer lease cash. The dealers are right… your numbers are way off

$327 including tax so basically $299+ tax with $0 inceptions on a $43k Acura. Dont we all wish all brands had deals like BMWs last 2 months :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check with @aspec1 did a great deal with him in April…great experience

ok - what is the lowest cap cost seen on this msrp?

I get that it’s a 43k car but the $8950 dealer Cash is certainly a game changer

Reach out to @Aspec1. Got great deal from him a week ago.
Very nice person.

I was looking last month and I didn’t push the dealer since I’m just shopping around. 10% off MSRP is just a start. Target 15% plus incentives. But MF and RV is horrendous. So, I can see this as a keeper after lease end. 49% RV for 12k when I was looking. And MF at .00225.

Can someone confirm the MF and residual value for 18104?

Edmunds can!!

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The 8950 lease cash just offsets the uber high mf which equates to 5.19%. Looked at leasing this same car last month myself.

@Nata Where did you land ?

My guess is large dealer discount plus large lease cash would make for a good purchase. Meaning lease then immediately buy.

I walked away from the acura. The lease cash was not enought to offset the hight mf. When you break down the monthly payment $100 of the $420 quoted was interest. Coulnt bring myself to do it. Looking At the camry xse

This incentive is lease only not for purchase. I was going to do the same.

What I’m saying is you can lease it then buy it out a week later to avoid the high mf. Not sure about Acura but people do it all the time on other manufacturers like Hyundai

@Nata agree, Camry clue is the best bang for the buck. Acura interior is so dated, if it’s $340ish I will take that anyday. Accord 2.0 is actually cost more than the TLX a spec. Lol I have so many choices, but there’s nothing great least this month at $350 and below $0 DAS.

@dotmike24. Im in the same boat you but still have a few months before the lease on my mazda 6 is up. I will pm you if i find anything.

@Nata that would great. Thanks in advance