Need Help - Acura TLX A Spec 19 V6 Lease

Hey check your message when you can. those numbers are off and the residual and selling price are off. As far as the MF and everyone being scared of it because its high shouldn’t worry about it. Acura Put high enough rebates to off set it. Before when the MFs were lower they had lower rebates . At the end of the day your payments are the same and they aren’t very different from when they were much lower. Everyone goes crazy for MFs like its the end of the world but what really matters at the end of the day is what your payments come out to after all is said and done. Edmunds unfortunately lays out prices that are unrealistic just like true car putting exceptional price of thousands of dollars under cost which is pretty much numbers in dreamland and dont exist. Also that MF you put is not the rate you will get unless your coming off an Acura lease so your MF will be higher which is .00225. Dont go crazy with the lease details and just get the best numbers you can around you. Right now I only have 1 2019 Aspec and its a FWD V6 black with red interior. Besides that were sold out on them and arent going to get alot of them anytime soon. For whatever reason Acura isnt building them now and we just dont have them in inventory. Were on of the biggest dealers in our zone so we get the most inventory because of it so if were light more than likely everyone else doesnt even have them.

hello aspec1,
are you working for Acura deals in SoCal?